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Ranking The "Stranger Things" Characters Based On How Devastated I'll Be If They Die In Volume 2

I'm already getting those tissues ready.View Entire Post › Source link

"Love, Victor" Ended After 3 Seasons, So Let's See If Your Opinions Match Everyone Else's

I can't believe it's really over!View Entire Post › Source link

What Celebs Looked Like When They Were Young IRL Vs AI

The tech had some surprising takes on what they think these celebs could have looked like. ...

Celebrity Parents Who Showed Support Their LGBTQ+ Kids

I'm open to being adopted at any time!! ...


The Devil Wears Prada: Andy’s Outfits, Ranked

NJ: I wanted to look into the history of polka dot trends for this beat, but ended up stumbling upon a...

Toy Story’s Tim Allen On Lightyear, No Connection To Buzz

"It just seems kind of...I don't know." ...

15 Famous People Shared Their Coming Out Stories, And They Range From Heartwarming To Hilarious

"The universe has always given me the power to know I’ll be okay. Even at that time, when my parents didn’t understand, I...

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8 Times Actors And Directors Fought For Better Queer Representation In Their Projects

"I had to threaten to quit because they basically wouldn’t let us have the characters kiss."View Entire Post › Source link

16 LGBT Movies With Happy Endings

Spoiler Alert: These will fill you with joy! 🌈 ...

Celebrities Who Own Five Or More Homes

Los Angeles native and lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, owns homes in expensive neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and Pacific...

Books To Read If You Loved The Summer I Turned Pretty

Pan's debut YA follows a girl's journey as she struggles with the loss of her mother. Like Summer, this book is...

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Victoria Beckham On Being Weighed On Live TV In 1999

The host not only presented a visibly uncomfortable Victoria with a set of scales and forced her to stand on them, but proceeded...

Kourtney Kardashian Is By Travis Barker’s Side After Pancreatitis Hospitalization

Travis was suffering with extreme stomach cramps and could "barely walk" when he was transported by ambulance to the hospital.Posted 5...

We Asked Miranda Cosgrove To Confirm Or Deny 13 BTS Rumours About Her Career

"It's funny because it was my first kiss, but it wasn't Nathan's!"View Entire Post › Source link

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Famous People Who Are Just A Tad Bit Older Than I Ever Would Have Thought

Turns out it's true — age ain't nothing but a number. ...

Which "Stranger Things" Villain Are You?

Friends don't lie, but villains sure do.View Entire Post › Source link

22 K-Drama Original Soundtracks Sung By Your Favorite K-Pop Idols

K-drama: Our Beloved SummerThis song is the equivalent of a warm hug on a cold winter night. Most of it is in...

Celebrities In The News Too Much Or Not Enough Poll

Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later Looks like...

Disney Movies First Five Minutes Quiz

I honestly forgot half of these. ...

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The AI really went into creative mode here... ...

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Halsey Called Out Concertgoers Who Left Their Show Because She Talked About Abortion Rights

"The 'people pay to see you sing not hear your views' argument is so dumb."View Entire Post › Source link

27 Tweets About Steve Harrington, Because He Better Not Die In This "Stranger Things" Finale

No thoughts, just Steve Harrington in his yellow sweater.View Entire Post › Source link

"Stranger Things" Duos: To Be Or Not To Be? — I Want Your Take

Say what you want, Eddie and Chrissy were MEANT for each other.View Entire Post › Source link

37 Little Details In “Stranger Things” Season 4 Vol 1

Each character has a signature hair do — you can pretty much identify each of them if you saw just a...


Test Your “Stranger Things 4” Knowledge Before The Finale

You BETTER know what song saved Max. ...

Ummm, Good Luck Choosing Only One Celeb To Date

It's like the impossible quiz.View Entire Post › Source link

Maya Hawke Talks Mom Uma Thurman’s Abortion

"Both of my parents' lives would have been derailed if she hadn't have had access to safe and legal health care — fundamental...

"Ms. Marvel" Episode 4 Has Some Great Details And Easter Eggs, So Here Are 11 You Might've Missed

Ms. Marvel loves Ant-Man so much, and I'm obsessed with it.View Entire Post › Source link

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Romy And Michele Sequel Update Shared By Mira Sorvino

"We are closer now than we've ever been to that being a reality." ...

Travis Barker Hospitalized For Pancreatitis

"Please send your prayers." Raymond Hall...

11 Famous LGBTQ+ Couples Who Have Been Together For 15+ Years

Tan and Rob France skipped the engagement and went right to forever. 🥺View Entire Post › Source link


16 Characters From "The Devil Wears Prada" Ranked From Least To Most Villainous

By all means, click this at a glacial pace. You know how it thrills me.View Entire Post › Source link

How Many Of These Indie Movies Have You Seen?

These movies are very underground and you've probably never even heard of them. ...

19 Queer TV Characters Who Have Such Main Character Energy, They Deserve Their Own Shows

Josie Saltzman from Legacies deserves the whole world.View Entire Post › Source link

23 Of The Best Musical Moments From “The Umbrella Academy” Season 3

I just found out JEREMY RENNER sang "House of the Rising Sun" for this!!!View Entire Post › Source link

Funniest “Stranger Things” Moments

While trapped in a dimension full of monsters, Robin has one question and one question only: Have they been tested for rabies? ...

The Newest Queer As Folk Is Messy, Yet Necessary TV

The massacre that becomes a focal point of this series is complicated, as the show quickly establishes that it...

“Westworld” Cast Photos Then Vs. Now

Lots of familiar faces on this all-star cast. ...

I’m Still Mad About These Shows Mistreating Their Queer Audience

Although it’s not perfect and there’s still work to do, the whole situation is definitely better compared to a few years...

Ranking The "Stranger Things" Characters Based On How Devastated I'll Be If They Die In Volume 2

I'm already getting those tissues ready.View Entire Post › Source link

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