13 Movies With More Drama BTS Than On Camera


He alleged that Snipes stayed in his trailer most of the time, smoked weed all day, let his body double do everything but close-ups, and attempted to strangle the director.

Oswalt said, “We went out that night to some strip club, and we were all drinking. And there were a bunch of bikers there, so [director] David  [S. Goyer] says to them, ‘I’ll pay for all your drinks if you show up to set tomorrow and pretend to be my security.’ Wesley freaked out and went back to his trailer. And the next day, Wesley sat down with David and was like, ‘I think you need to quit. You’re detrimental to this movie.’ And David was like, ‘Why don’t you quit? We’ve got all your close-ups, and we could shoot the rest with your stand-in.’ And that freaked Wesley out so much that, for the rest of the production, he would only communicate with the director through Post-it notes. And he would sign each Post-it note ‘From Blade.'”

In 2020, Snipes denied attempting to strangle Goyer, telling the Guardian, “Let me tell you one thing. If I had tried to strangle David Goyer, you probably wouldn’t be talking to me now. A Black guy with muscles strangling the director of a movie is going to jail, I guarantee you.” 

He also denied the Post-it note story and mocked the idea of Oswalt being an “authority” on him. He said, “The presumption that one white guy can make a statement and that statement stands as true! Why would people believe his version is true? Because they are predisposed to believing the Black guy is always the problem. And all it takes is one person, Mr. Oswalt, who I really don’t know.”

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