19 Underrated Movies You Should Watch


“I’d definitely recommend you watch Fall in a theater before it goes away (for some reason, it got a comparatively small release.) It’s a horror/suspense film about two friends who are avid rock climbers and daredevils, one of whom suffered a personal loss and deep depression because of it. To get back on the horse, the other girl challenges her to face her fears and climb an old TV tower with her (which is basically just a 2,000-foot metal pole with a ladder). And of course, things don’t go as planned. This movie is gut-churning as they climb the tower, and the photography and editing give you a real sense of heights. I’d say I have a moderate/healthy fear of heights, and at times I definitely had a physical reaction of body-clenching during some scenes (particularly when they hang with bare hands from the top of the tower). Fall is from a few producers behind 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, which was a really good movie.”

“Fair warning: This movie is quite preposterous and has many things you could nit-pick, but avoid that because you’ll really enjoy it. I recommend you see this in a theater, as the large picture and big sound bring the experience home.”


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