20 “Do Revenge” Drea Outfits


If you haven’t watched Do Revenge, then you’ve probably at least heard of it by now (and you should watch!). The new Netflix film is an instant teen comedy classic, and one of the reasons why is all the fresh and fun fashion.

The movie is filled with chic looks, but Drea, played by Camila Mendes, is the character who clearly takes the cake in this category. From start to finish, her looks were everythingggggg, so I’ve compiled all of them for you to fawn over and bookmark for your future outfit inspo.


Drea came out the gate swinging with her very first look of the film!

The pigtail braids and the heart earrings were such a nice touch.

Also, peep the shoes 👀!


Now, I know all the students wore this because it’s their uniform, but 1) the preppy, pastel uniforms ate, and 2) Drea just looks so damn good in it, especially with the platform heels.


Again, another uniform, but Drea’s hair choices and accessories elevated them. When Miss Torres was on the tennis courts, she was serving in every sense of the word.


I could not believe that these are the clothes she changed into AFTER work. Legend.


The colors of the school uniforms are SO satisfying.


Now, Drea’s hot pink houndstooth set belongs in the teen comedy history books.


Drea in the school farmers uniform overalls was adorable.


I just wish she would’ve stood up so we could’ve seen this full look!


Here’s Drea in her simple, floral beach day slay.


And here’s her powerful, elegant slay that came right after the beach.


The top and the shoes are just *chef’s kiss*.


But her look for the Senior Ring Ceremony went HARD.


I’m obsessed with the little cape she has with her uniform here. No one wears the school uniform as well as Drea.


Okay, this outfit was sickening. The shades of brown complement Drea so well.

I can’t get over it. This is easily my favorite Drea look.


I was FLOORED when she showed up to Eleanor’s birthday party wearing this.


Even when she was alone, she’d give us a casual slay. These pants were sick.


Like that girl Drea ran into at rehab, I, too, adore Drea’s puffy ball earrings.

Plus, the shoes were killer.

But the pants were the real star of this outfit.


Her look for the admissions party was so sophisticated. Do revenge? More like do fashion 💅.


And now, we’re at Drea’s last outfit. The ruffled, sheer robe and the bite-sized bag? Perfect.


Oh wait, there’s one more. Here’s her very Valentine-y post-credits scene outfit.

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