20 Fan Reactions To The New Horror Movie “They/Them”


The new slasher film They/Them fan reactions are in, and they are totally making me need to see this flick.

Naturally, horror films are always going to be a mixed bag of opinions, but the reviews for They/Them seem to really be divisive. Now, that’s led me to a round-up of fan reactions that still have me wanting to check out the film (maybe to see just how it really is). Let’s have a look, shall we?


That’s a lot of emotions:

Just finished #theythem on @peacocktv
Phenomenal movie. I felt all of the emotions. Rage. Community. Love. Happiness. Sadness. Dread. 10/10 recommend to watch. #horror #thriller #horrormovie #thrillermovie #horrorcommunity #horrorfan #horroraddict

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This review has got me imagining what the ratings would be like if Kevin Bacon wasn’t in it:


Sarcasm at it’s finest.


Well, I did tell you the general consensus of the film.

Watched #TheyThem the other week. It had potential b/c of the subject matter but it’s poor. It’s an under-developed idea draped over an 80’s slasher. It felt like they filmed a 1st draft. This is personified by the fact half the cast doesn’t have a single line! #HorrorMovies

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WHAT ON EARTH is Kevin Bacon doing in this movie?


A slasher film without any slashes. Damn.


At this point, I am genuinely taken aback to see a 10/10 rating:


Out of all the things you could take away from They/Them, this has to be the funniest.

So I plan on watching #theyslashthem and I just found out that Kevin Bacon is not Ethan Hawke. I swear, they’re literally twins!

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The “crappy poster” line killed me off.


Vogue and P!nk anyone?


I’m really sorry, but I didn’t expect any of the reviews to mention Citizen Kane. I am glad for this person who enjoyed themselves though!


B E R T saw the good in this film, maybe you can too?


Pet peeve unlocked: films classified as the wrong genre.


A camp slasher should have kids running around screaming, terrified for their lives. You heard it here first.


You know a film is bad when someone who doesn’t normally write reviews, takes the time out to let you know just how bad it is!


The ingenuity of this had me laughing far too much.

Have you seenThey/Them? What were your thoughts?

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