21 Reality And Game Show Contestants Secrets And Stories



“I was on Wheel of Fortune in 2015. For the audition, there were about 80 of us in a hotel convention room in downtown Brooklyn. We played a few rounds of the game, and the casting directors would tell us to project our voices and how to answer properly. Then, there was a written test with puzzles like you’d see in the bonus round. We took a quick break, and when we came back, they narrowed the group down to 18. About three weeks later, I got a letter in the mail saying I had been selected to be on the show! I flew out on a Thursday, taped Friday, and returned home Saturday. They tape 6 shows a day, 40 days a year. Vanna White was SO nice. She came out in her jogging pants and a T-shirt to say hello to everyone and reminded us to buy vowels.”

“The day of taping, we were bussed from the hotel to Sony Pictures Studios at 6 a.m. There were 18 contestants plus two LA-based alternates in case anyone needed to drop out last minute. The entire morning was spent touring the studio, going over rules, practicing with the buzzer and the wheel, and going over our intros. EVERYTHING was explained — every category and every game show law. Then, they split us into groups of three, and we went to set to start taping. The lady I lost to was FREAKING AMAZING at the game. 

While playing, I won a trip to London and Paris, and spun a ‘bankrupt,’ so I experienced a full range of emotions from the wheel. They were super accommodating when it came to my trip and made sure I could work around my schedule to go. You do have to pay taxes on the prizes, so I refer to it as my ‘85%-off trip.’ My then-boyfriend and I decided to add Ireland to our itinerary, and they even paid for our flights to London and home from Ireland, even though the trip I won was just to go to London and Paris. Overall, it was a really positive experience!” 


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