21 TV Shows Ruined By One Scene


TV shows almost always get worse as they go — that’s to be expected. Usually, the decline is gradual. But sometimes, something so out of pocket and bizarre happens that you literally decide “that’s it. I am never watching this show again.”

Here are 21 TV moments and lines that were ridiculously out of place, tonally off, over the top, or just plain badly written/acted.


On Glee, when they performed “Gangnam Style” and made Tina — one of the only significant Asian characters* — do the rap:


On Grey’s Anatomy, when the staff sang “How to Save a Life” while, erm…saving a life:


On Teen Wolf, when Scott was “forced” to bite Liam because otherwise he’d fall from the edge of a building and die:


On Riverdale, when Edgar tried to escape in a homemade rocket:


On Euphoria, when Elliot took up a full four minutes of an important episode with a song that meant absolutely nothing to the plot:


On One Tree Hill, when Dan finally went in to get a heart transplant and then A DOG ATE IT:


On Angel, when Cordelia slept with Connor because the world was ending:


I also just have to nominate when Cordelia comes down the stairs, suddenly pregnant with Connor’s baby, in this ensemble:

I can’t find the clip, but it’s at the end of 4×15. You can watch the show on Amazon!


On The Secret Life of the American Teenager, when Grace’s dad died right as she had sex for the first time — and then there was a scene where she blamed herself and uttered this iconic line:


When Deb admitted her feelings for Dexter (her brother) on Dexter:


Similarly, on Friends, when Ross tried to kiss his cousin:


Also on Friends, when Joey proposes to Rachel:


When a flash-forward revealed that Caroline and Alaric (her former teacher and the only consistent parental figure in the series) were ENGAGED:

I can’t find the above scene, but it’s at the end of 7×06. You can watch the show on HBO Max.


Though tied for a close second is the scene at the end of the same episode, when it’s revealed that Jo’s twins were magically transported into Caroline’s womb the season prior, and Caroline — a vampire — is now pregnant:


On Pretty Little Liars, when Aria was implanted with Emily’s eggs:


On WandaVision, when Monica acted like Wanda was the hero of the show:


When ED SHEERAN HIMSELF randomly showed up on Game of Thrones, completely pulling you out of the fantasy world you had previously been immersed in:


On Gossip Girl, when Bart was revealed to be alive:


And when they killed him while weird old-timey suspense music played:


Speaking of music moments — on The O.C., when Marissa shot Trey and then “Hide and Seek” played:


And finally, on Happy Days, when Fonzie jumped over a shark on water skis:

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