25 Fantastic One-On-One Movie Face-Offs


From The Gray Man to Rocky IV

In Netflix’s $200 million action flick The Gray Man, now streaming, MCU stalwart Chris Evans goes head-to-head with fellow Hollywood headliner Ryan Gosling.

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With this cinematic showdown likely to become one of the most buzzworthy streaming titles of the summer, I’ve assembled 25 other face-offs between the biggest names in contemporary cinema that you should see for a quick fix of hard-hitting movie goodness.


Common vs. Keanu Reeves, John Wick: Chapter 2

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Shooting, stabbing, and old-fashioned fisticuffs punctuate this brutal, multi-location fight sequence between Keanu Reeves’ badass assassin and Common’s deadly (and dedicated) counterpart in the second John Wick film.


Tom Hardy vs. Christian Bale, The Dark Knight Rises


Chadwick Boseman vs. Michael B. Jordan, Black Panther


Michael Fassbender vs. Gina Carano, Haywire


Daniel Craig vs. Dave Bautista, Spectre


Sylvester Stallone vs. Dolph Lundgren, Rocky IV


Clive Owen vs. Matt Damon, The Bourne Identity

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The Kennedy/Marshall Company / Via youtube.com

There’s no denying Matt Damon has had better fight sequences throughout the Bourne franchise, but his brief but captivating face-off with Clive Owen in The Bourne Identity remains a tone-setting benchmark for suspense within the franchise’s first entry.


Michelle Yeoh vs. Zhang Ziyi, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


Brad Pitt vs. Eric Bana, Troy

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Helena Productions / Via youtube.com

In one of the most pulse-pounding swordfights in movie history, Troy pitted Brad Pitt against Eric Bana, both at the height of their respective fame, against one another in a clash that felt exciting and savage despite anyone familiar with the Achilles tale already knowing of the outcome.


Milla Jovovich vs. Tony Jaa, Monster Hunter

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Constantin Film / Via youtube.com

In one of the more recent entries on this list, this incredibly fun yet overlooked monster movie also features a fun and occasionally humorous fight sequence that you never knew you needed between the aerodynamic Ong Bak star Tony Jaa and the rugged Resident Evil mainstay Milla Jovovich.


Seann William Scott vs. Liev Schreiber, Goon


Thomas Jane vs. Kevin Nash, The Punisher


Jean-Claude Van Damme vs. Scott Adkins, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning


Jason Momoa vs. Sylvester Stallone, Bullet to the Head


Choi Min-sik vs. Lee Byung-hun, I Saw the Devil


Ryan Reynolds vs. Joel Kinneman, Safe House

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Relativity Media / Via youtube.com

Though this R-rated action thriller sported some pretty decent shootout set pieces, Ryan Reynolds and Joel Kinnaman’s intense knockdown, drag-out fistfight is the clear-cut highlight of Safe House.


Brad Pitt vs. Angelina Jolie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith


N.T. Rama Rao Jr. vs. Ram Charan, RRR


Jackie Chan vs. Jet Li, The Forbidden Kingdom


Uma Thurman vs. Vivica A. Fox, Kill Bill, Volume 1

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A Band Apart / Via youtube.com

Quentin Tarantino set the tone for his kick-ass two-part love letter to the kung-fu and action films of yesteryear with this outstanding face-off between former assassins “Black Mamba” (Uma Thurman) and “Cottonmouth” (Vivica A. Fox).


John Travolta vs. Nicolas Cage, Face/Off


Tom Hardy vs. Joel Edgerton, Warrior


Michael Cera vs. Jason Schwartzman, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Robert Downey Jr. vs. Chris Evans, Captain America: Civil War


Vin Diesel vs. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Fast Five

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