28 Movie And TV Mistakes That Ruined The Magic



Let’s start with the classic example — when Game of Thrones left this coffee cup in a shot:

Let’s take a closer look:


When Ron’s stunt double was very visible in the chess scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone:

This was Ron a second earlier:

And then here’s “Ron” just before he sacrifices himself:


When McGonagall’s chalkboard was backwards in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

This one’s especially weird to me, because it looks like the other chalkboard is the right way in the wide shot, so it’s not like editors just mirrored the image. The above chalkboard is actually backwards:


When a cameraman was visible in this Moon Knight scene:


And when a crew member’s legs were visible in this scene during the next episode:


When a crew member was similarly visible in a scene in The Mandalorian:

Let’s take a closer look:


When Freaky Friday used a MUCH older stunt double for a kid and this TikTok caught it:

Let’s take a closer look, because this is *definitely* not a little kid. This person has wrinkles:


When Friends used a Rachel stand-in that wasn’t even wearing the same shirt:

Here’s the shirt Rachel was wearing just a second prior:

And here’s the stand-in again (her hair is also darker):


And when they used a stand-in for Monica:


When a crew member in a baseball hat could be seen walking in the back of this Braveheart shot:

Here’s a closer (but very blurry) look:


When Vito moved hospital rooms in The Godfather and Marlon Brando’s hand got caught in the door, so he quickly moved it — despite the fact that his character was unconscious:

Let’s take a closer look:


And when an extra on Gossip Girl was caught with only one shoe on:

Let’s take a closer look:


Speaking of shoes…when Haley’s shoes kept switching between sneakers and heels during the “Wannabe” dance in One Tree Hill:


When you could briefly see David Prowse’s face through his Darth Vader helmet in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope:


Similarly, when the person driving the car in this Knives Out shot was definitely not Ana de Armas:


When Cassie was onstage during Lexie’s play in Euphoria and then the camera panned to the audience…showing Cassie still in her seat, along with Nate:


And when you could also see Suze, who was also onstage, in the audience:


When you could see the blood device on Jesper Christensen’s knee just before he was shot there at the end of Casino Royale:

You can also tell a second later, when you can see how much thicker his knee is than it’s supposed to be:


When you could see the cameraman in the reflection of Wanda’s spoon at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War:

Let’s take a closer look:


When you could see a crew member in Gladiator:


And when some sort of tank was visible underneath this supposed horse-powered chariot:


When Gaston said, “Belle is mine!” in Beauty and the Beast, except his lips weren’t saying the words…they were saying “time to die”:


When Ben’s hair changed from the last moment of the Season 2 finale of The Umbrella Academy to the continuation of that moment in Season 3:


And finally, when Aria was “on the phone” but it was upside down on Pretty Little Liars:

Here’s a closer look, where you can see her phone camera, which should be on the other side:

What other TV and movie mistakes always bother you? Let us know in the comments!

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