3 Realizations to boost your self esteem if you’ve been hurt by arranged marriage meetings

3 Realizations to boost your self esteem if you’ve been hurt by arranged marriage meetings

Meeting a potential mate’s entire family before you see them privately can be brutal. Not only do they judge you by parameters they’ve set for their ideal bahu or son-in-law, but they also rate you in their mental system as they’ve done many candidates before pronouncing their judgement. So, it can be easy to be disheartened by the process having faced multiple rejections or the fear of not finding the right one for you in a warped system. Therefore, we bring you 3 realizations to boost your self-esteem if you’ve been hurt by disappointing arranged marriage meetings.

1.People can be shallow, you deserve better

If someone rejected you on the basis of your educational qualifications or your picture, then please understand that it is no indicator of how smart or amazing you are. People are a sum of their parts, and if they did not bother to get to know you, then it is their loss. You deserve someone better than a shallow husband or wife.

2.Every match you met before finding your spouse wasn’t a failure

Accepting rejection can be hard. One of the most important things to remember is that meeting the one for you is a process. It may not happen right off the bat, but this doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Be it 5 wrong matches or 10 men or women who have disappointed you, there are things you learn about yourself along the way. Just like every relationship teaches us something, rejecting someone or facing rejection doesn’t mean you lose faith in the process. Every match you meet can be raking you one step closer to your soulmate.

finding your arranged match

3.You accept the match you think you deserve

You may often face situations where people treat you or your parents poorly. This doesn’t mean you must accept the treatment silently. End such meetings and vow to look for something better, as you only manifest the love that you think you deserve. So, know that it is okay to want more in a potential spouse. Do not underestimate yourself and simply ask for want you need.

Should you remember these things, you may have a guilt-free experience trying to meet your match in 2022.

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