3 Reasons why he keeps you around even when he doesn’t commit to you

3 Reasons why he keeps you around even when he doesn’t commit to you

Do you ever feel that your partner is trying to keep you around but refuses to be exclusive? He may tell you that he doesn’t want a relationship or is not willing to give you any sort of commitment but still likes putting up with you and keeping you around. You might even feel that you are wasting the prime time of your life just hanging in between.

Here are 3 common reasons addressed why your partner likes keeping you around without any commitment.

1. They may have been hurt in the past

One common reason behind your partner’s fear of commitment is that they had a painful past relationship. They might have had toxic and unexpected love experiences. By keeping your relationship casual, there won’t be any possibility of a vulnerable heart break again. In this case, you might want to take things slowly between you two.

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2. They are not there where they see themselves in life

Commitment is a big responsibility. With aspects such as finances, taking care of a household and building a future together, it can stop them from committing too soon. If this is the case, a little patience and support would come to rescue. Pushing for commitment when they aren’t in a good place in their lives will only make things worse. You just need to respect and accept their decision. 

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3. They don’t see you as their future partner

It’s not ideal but your partner might not feel that this is the right relationship for him or her. You may be someone whom they can date but not necessarily someone they can marry. Sometimes people realize this when it’s too late. So, one thing you can do is always check with your partner about their feelings and if there’s any long-term potential before investing yourself fully in. 

Sometimes it just requires little time and introspection in your relationship. It is also not irrational to seek a commitment from the person you’re seeing. It’s important to consider your own wants and needs. The right relationship is out there, just give it some time.

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