3 Reasons why you should immediately walk away from an abusive relationship

3 Reasons why you should immediately walk away from an abusive relationship

Frequent breakdown, taunts for not completing household chores or verbal abuses thrown at you. Would you agree you are being abused? Or would you dismiss it saying he didn’t hit me, after all? Most people, just to save their relationship, ignore all the signs of an abusive relationship till the day when they become victims of physical abuse.

However, any kind of abuse, physical or mental, shouldn’t be ignored and one should take action immediately.

If that’s not enough, here are 3 reasons why you should immediately walk away from an abusive relationship.

You will lose confidence

An abusive relationship kills you in many ways. From damaged self-respect to lost confidence, there are several things that you will have to suffer. And once you start losing confidence, things will become uglier. Your ability to speak up will be lost and you will be trapped in the web of abuses.

You may feel helpless over time

If you decide to stay back in an abusive relationship, thinking your partner may change, for the better, it will only leave you in a helpless stage, afterward. You may feel lost and scared to move out. Moreover, you may even start doubting anyone who tries to help you. An abusive relationship will make you believe that there’s no way out if you continue to be in it.

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Your mental health will go for a toss

Even if it’s the physical abuse that you are suffering, your mental health will take a backseat. Things will become worse and you will find it difficult to make decisions. You might even feel that there’s no way out of this. Many even think it was just one slap and not something big enough to make our move out, remember this one slap is not just on your face but on your self-respect, too.

So, if you, or anyone you know, has been a victim of any kind of domestic abuse, it’s important that you gather courage and move out. Also, seek professional help at the earliest. Don’t hesitate in asking for help or reaching out to a shelter home.

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