3 Ways to support a family member who has just come out as LGBTQ

3 Ways to support a family member who has just come out as LGBTQ

A desi family member will be your last option to share your secrets with. And no, we are not judging desi families. There are always exceptions but the fact that desi families won’t spare any chance of judging you remains true.

And if a family member has just come out as LGBTQ, things are bound to go downhill. They will be judged, counselled, and what not but won’t be understood.

So, if you don’t want to get counted in that list, here are 3 ways to support a family member who has just come at as LGBTQ.

Remember you are connected to them and assure them the same

While you may be taken aback by the fact, however, what you shouldn’t be forgetting is that you share a relationship with them, and you two are connected. So, give yourself time to make peace with the fact, and don’t let anything change your feelings about them. Once you are able to accept that, stay with them and assure them you will be there no matter what.

Never ask them how and when

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Just like you don’t ask a person how and when he became a human, you can’t ask the same to anyone who comes out as LGBTQ. It’s natural and their choice. Instead, support their decision and stay with them. Questions like why, how, since when, why not, and what next, etc. should be avoided at all cost.

Save them from nosy relatives

The biggest help you can offer to a family member who has just come out as LGBTQ is by saving them from nosy relatives. Stand up for them, answer on their behalf, and don’t let anyone judge them. Make sure you extend your support to them and help all the other relatives accept the reality, too. If somebody overreacts, reach out to them and make them understand. In short, basically, whatever happens, you don’t leave your family member alone.

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