3 Years of Ranveer Singh's Gully Boy: 5 'boht hard' life lessons to learn from Murad's journey

3 Years of Ranveer Singh's Gully Boy: 5 'boht hard' life lessons to learn from Murad's journey

It was 3 years ago that Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt came together for Gully Boy, directed by Zoya Akhtar and told the world the story of Murad. Murad, who was a guy from the slums in Dharavi, dared to dream big and rise above his circumstances. Despite his circumstances and challenges, Murad continued to persevere and change his situation. In his journey, many other characters like Sakeeena, MC Sher, Moeen and Sky played by Alia, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Vijay Varma and Kalki Koechlin helped him. Now, as Gully Boy completes 3 years, we recall the hard yet important life lessons that Murad’s story taught us. 

1. Never Give Up

Be it his abusive father or his poverty, nothing came in the way of Murad’s dreams. He dared to dream and aspired to become a rapper and for it, he was willing to give it his all. In life, many times, we chose to let go of our dreams thinking of the circumstances. But, from Murad’s journey from a street rapper to a pioneer in the field of ‘Asli Hip Hop’, we learn that no matter what happens, never give up. 

2. Don’t let what others say define you

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In one of the scenes, Murad’s father Ahmed asks him ‘Tu Hai Kaun? Aukaat Kya Hai Teri?’ when he is angry at his son for leaving the job at his uncle’s company for auditions at a rapping contest. We see Murad come back with a question, ‘Ab Koi Doosra Mere Ko Batayega Main Kaun Hai?’ In a simple yet impactful way, Murad showed us that no matter what others think about you or say about you, you should keep going on and not let it define you. Murad goes on to pursue his dream, no matter how much his father resists or reminds him that he is a driver’s son and that he will always remain that. In life, there will always be people who judge you or remind you of the challenges in your way. But, it’s important to block all noise out and not let it define you. 

3. Work hard and chase your dreams

Ranveer Singh starrer Gully Boy initially introduces us to an underconfident Murad, who is not sure what he should do with his fascination for rap music. However, as the story progresses and he meets MC Sher (Siddhant Chaturvedi), he gets a direction in life and aspires to be a rapper. While he is hesitant in the beginning and fumbles in front of other rappers, Murad eventually learns to have faith in himself and puts in the hard work to make his rap unique and better. His hunger to rise above his circumstances and make a better life for him and his mother is what makes him chase his dreams. Hence, one of the most important lessons we learn from Murad is to chase your dreams and ensure that you put in the hard work for it!

4. Have Patience

At times, when we are chasing a dream, we may become impatient if things are not happening at the pace we want them to progress. But, from Murad’s tedious journey, we get an important lesson that you need to have patience. Remind yourself in moments of doubt ‘Apna Time Ayega’ and keep at it. In the darkest of moments, when Murad is filling in as a driver for his dad and is waiting in the parking lot, he feels low yet he turns to his music and begins penning his feelings into lyrics for his rap. Ranveer‘s Murad reminds himself of ‘Apna Time Ayega’ and creates the most iconic rap of his career in those moments.

5. Value those who encouraged you in your journey

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In a journey to achieve a dream, we meet a few people who not only help us but also at times become our guiding light. It is very easy to forget them when dreams are fulfilled. But, Murad and his journey in Gully Boy reminds us that no matter where you reach in life, the most important people will always be those who rooted for you when you were nothing. Be it Moeen (Vijay Varma) who teaches him to be street smart, or MC Sher, who urges him to let go and chase his dream or his girlfriend Sakeena, who at every step encourages him, Murad values each of them. And even when he strays a bit, he still realises his mistake and makes amends with each of them. Hence, no matter where we reach in our lives, we must always remember the people who stuck with us!

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