35 Iconic Side-By-Sides From Other Disney Live Action Movies


The teaser was perfectly executed, mirroring every majestic moment from the original “Part of Your World” scene from the 1991 Disney classic.

Like these epic scenes with Ariel’s gadgets and gizmos aplenty.

And this scene with her whozits and whatzits galore.

And of course, this scene with her thingamabobs — she’s got 20.

The Little Mermaid teaser has me so deep in my childhood emotions. Now I feel the need to revisit 35 iconic scenes side by side from Disney’s live-action remakes that will take you back to the happiest place on Earth.


Belle and Beast are the “will they/won’t they” tale as old as time from the 1991 Beauty and the Beast.

Now, here is the moment with every matching detail in the 2017 live-action remake.

And here is the romantic scene side by side.


Bookworm Belle is always reading down the street.

Now, here’s Emma Watson as Belle in the live-action remake.

And here are the bookworm scenes side by side.


Belle and Beast take a page out of Cinderella and Prince Charming’s book for this one.

Now, here’s the same scene recreated for the live-action version.

And here’s the moment side by side.


In the 1950 Cinderella, she debuts her pretty pink dress before her jealous stepsisters rip it to shreds.

Now, here’s the same scene in the 2015 live-action Cinderella.

And here’s the scene side by side before the mayhem.


The Fairy Godmother transforms the ripped dress into a beautiful gown.

Now, here’s the live-action version adopting the new blue gown look.

And here’s the beautiful dress side by side.


The missing glass slipper is a perfect fit for Cinderella.

Now, here’s the slipper scene in the remake.

And here’s the scene side by side.


Maleficent serves face in the original 1959 Sleeping Beauty.

Now, here’s Angelina Jolie as THE PERFECT casting choice in the 2014 live-action adaptation Maleficent.

And here’s the “Mistress of Evil” jawline side by side.


Maleficent is extremely dramatic, casting spells because she didn’t get an invite.

Now, in the live-action adaptation, her purpose changes, but the magical theatrics remain the same.

And here’s the spellbinding scene side by side.


Maleficent showcases her full power as an evil diva.

Now, here’s Angelina nailing the performance in the remake.

And here’s the scene side by side.


Here’s the adorable man-cub Mowgli and his family of wolves from the 1967 movie The Jungle Book.

Now, here’s Mowgli hanging with the wolf pack in the 2016 CGI remake of The Jungle Book.

And here they are side by side.


Here’s Baloo teaching his little buddy “The Bear Necessities” on his belly.

Now, here’s the same scene recreated in 2016.

And here they are side by side.


Here’s my favorite character, Kaa, hypnotizing Mowgli with his eyes.

Now, here’s Kaa in the live-action version.

And here’s the trippy snake side by side.


Here’s the infamous sleeping princess kiss that wouldn’t fly today in the 1937 Snow White.

Now, here’s the slightly different non-Disney version in 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart.

And here they are side by side.


Here’s the Evil Queen serving wicked realness on her throne of jealousy.

Now, here’s Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Now, here’s Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen in another 2012 non-Disney adaptation, Mirror Mirror.

And here are all three queens on their thrones side by side.


Here’s little Pinocchio impressing Gepetto by pulling some exorcist moves in the original 1940 Pinocchio.

Now, here’s the even creepier version from 2022.

And here’s the scene side by side.


Jiminy Cricket is the voice of reason, as always.

Now, here’s Jiminy in the live-action adaptation.

And here are the Jiminy Crickets side by side.


Simba hit his awkward puberty phase with Pumbaa and Timon in the 1994 version of The Lion King.

Now here’s the same awkward phase in the 2019 CGI remake.

And here is the trio side by side.


Here’s King Mufasa showing tiny Simba that everyone else is metaphorically and literally beneath him.

Now, here’s the privileged father-son talk in the remake.

And here are the scenes side by side.


King Simba reclaims his throne from his deadbeat uncle Scar.

Now, here’s the very realistic CGI version.

And here they are side by side.


It’s precious angel baby Simba in his mama’s arms.

Now, here’s the SUPER precious angel baby Simba in CGI.

And here are both scenes side by side.


Here’s the moment when Mulan is about to kick Shan Yu’s ass in the 1998 Mulan.

Now, here’s Liu Yifei as Mulan, ready to throw down in the 2020 remake.

And here are the iconic scenes side by side.


This is one of the best training montages in the history of cinema.

Now, here’s the same scene in the 2020 Mulan remake.

And here are the epic montages side by side.


Here’s that one time Mulan completely ruins the matchmaker’s morning.

Now, here’s when Mulan does it again in the live-action matchmaker played by Cheng Pei-Pei.

And here’s the funny moment side by side.


Here’s Lady, the pouty pup in the 1955 Lady and the Tramp movie.

Now, here’s the same scene from the 2019 live-action remake with real dogs.

And here’s Lady’s mean mug side by side.


Here’s one of the most romantic scenes in cartoon animal history.

Now, here’s the live-action version.

And here’s the puppy love side by side.


A baby elephant makes his debut in the 1941 animated classic Dumbo.

Now, here’s Dumbo making his first appearance in the 1999 live-action remake.

And here’s the big-eared baby side by side.


Here’s the sad scene when they lock Dumbo’s mom up.

Now, here’s the heartbreaking moment in the live-action remake.

And here’s the scene side by side.


The friends of the 100 Acre Wood gather for a celebration in the 1977 version of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Now, here’s the friends gathering again for the live-action movie Christopher Robin in 2018.

And here’s the 100 Acre Wood dinner party side by side.


Here’s Pooh Bear, always running out of honey for his tummy.

Now, here’s him running out again in the live-action remake.

And here’s the adorable moment side by side.


Here’s Pongo and Perdita getting a free wedding on their owners’ dime in the 1961 101 Dalmations.

Now, here is the live-action scene in the 1996 remake.

And here’s the wedding scene side by side.


Here are Cruella’s favorite henchmen, Horace and Jasper.

Now here’s Mark Williams and Hugh Laurie as Horace and Jasper in the 1996 film.

And here are the rapscallions side by side.


I’ll never forget this moment when Cruella rips up her own damn check because they say the puppies “ARE NOT FOR SALE.”

Now, here’s the recreation with THE legendary Glenn Close.

And here’s the iconic scene side by side.


Here’s Prince Ali showing Jasmine “A Whole New World” in the 1992 animated classic Aladdin.

Now, here’s the same romantic carpet ride with actors Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott in the 2019 live-action version.

And here’s the carpet ride side by side.


Here are the lovebirds taking a carpet plunge in the sky.

Now, here’s the same plunge in the live-action movie.

And here’s the carpet dive side by side.


Here’s the moment Aladdin’s biggest steal becomes his best friend.

Now, here’s the same scene in the live-action remake.

And lastly, here’s the scene side by side.

What are your favorite scenes from the animated Disney classics that were reimagined for the live-action Disney remakes? Let me know in the comments.

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