4 Beautiful marigold wedding décor ideas

4 Beautiful marigold wedding décor ideas

Weddings in India and any special occasion for that matter are always graced and decorated with colorful flowers. However, one of the most popular flowers that feature in weddings here is the marigold, or as we locally call it, the genda phool. Marigolds also represent the sun, symbolising its brightness and positive energy. Marigold flowers are inexpensive and can be found in any season or location across the country. They also come in a variety of beautiful colours.

Check out these 4 creative genda phool décor ideas to make your wedding stand out.

1. Marigold curtain

The simplest Marigold Flower Wedding Decoration ideas can sometimes go a long way! As an example, you could create a floral curtain on your venue wall by stringing together numerous streamers of bright yellow Marigolds. In fact, this could be a great wall decor idea as well. Surround the Marigold curtains with green leaves and ferns to add an extra eco-friendly touch to your stage decor!

entrance decoration

2. Marigold at the entrance

It is indeed a great option to add marigold flowers at the entrance to your wedding venue. Marigold flowers have always been everyone’s favourite and decorating the entrance with kinds of corner pieces that are filled with florals, will definitely mesmerize your guests. Hanging these beauties at your wedding venue will give a unique and bright look.

3. Marigold decked up swing

If you’re a sucker for romance, the swing at your Haldi ceremony is something you should definitely swing by! Marigolds have that effect and make any prop look beautiful! The swing actually looks inviting with that classic flower décor with marigold. You can also add strings of marigold in between other flowers to give it a more genuine and conventional look. 

marigold photobooth

4. Marigold photobooth

Who doesn’t enjoy a photo booth with a dash of whimsy? In the wedding photobooth area, one can look for Marigold Flower Wedding Decoration ideas! Oversize glasses made of yellow Marigolds placed in front of a bright colour background in pink and yellow would be a huge hit at your Mehndi or Sangeet or Cocktail! The orange and yellow marigolds structure top as a backdrop of your photos will look very mesmerizing. 

With all of these lovely decor ideas, we’re sure you’re convinced that the marigold flower will be the star of at least one of your wedding events!

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