4 Homosexual Couples That Make You Believe That A Rainbow Awaits Us

4 Homosexual Couples That Make You Believe That A Rainbow Awaits Us

Homosexuality is still taboo in India and not many people are aware of the concept. And others who are aware are not accepting of it. Over the years, the topic has been normalized and has been spoken about. But still, the taboo surrounding it is not going anywhere. Society till looks down upon homosexuality shuns people away, leaves them out, and makes it seem like a crime when it is just as normal as can be. Most people fear coming out to their friends and families because they fear abandonment. Homosexuals, More often than not there is a sense of anxiety and nervousness that most due lack of relatability and awareness. A lot of homosexual people often feel lost and wayward because they don’t have someone who they can talk to, who can understand them, offer them some kind of relief, and someone they can rely on and feel like they have someone who is just like them and thinks or feels just the way they do. The new wave of social media has created a platform for so many people to voice their opinions, put forward their views, and stand up for what they believe in. These homosexual couples document their journeys, talk about their struggles, stories of coming out, and experiences that other people can relate to, and create a community where they can support and uplift each other.

1) Sufi and Anjali (@sufi.sun, @anjalichakra)

Sufi and Anjali were one of the first homosexual couples to stir a storm on social media and all over. They made it to the headlines and the front pages of India’s many leading dailies. People felt nothing short of outpouring love for this Indo-Pak couple. Over time, they have created a Youtube channel where they talk about their journeys, mental health, coming to their families, acceptance, couple stories and more. Their content is a breath of fresh air and brings a whole new perspective and wave of positivity.

2) Divesh and Atulan (@honey.imm.home)

Divesh and Atulan go by the name Honey Imm Home and everyone is all things heart eyes for their cute coupley antics. From dwelling on deep topics about coming out and their relationship, societal and familial pressure on their joint YouTube channel to taking trips, funny challenges together. They make every other desi gay couple believe in love and give them hope for a better future. They’re relatable with a fresh spirit and positive energy which make them my personal favorite

3) Yogi and Kabeer (@yogiandkabeer)

Yogi and Kabeer are a heartfelt couple that warm your insides every time they pop up on your feed. Their content is varied and their videos are funny, heartwarming and all things beautiful. Their page is filled with meme material, romantic videos, and content telling their stories and also exposing the harsh reality. Their content is a breath of fresh air and it only resonates with a whole lot of positivity and good vibes.

4) Pritam and Manish (@vagabondboiz)

These two have a world of their own and in every sense of the term, it’s pure and beautiful. Their content is the rainbow we’re all waiting for. From music to travel to just simple couple of things, they cover everything and it fills our hearts with joy. Their videos are wholesome with cute date inspo, their stories, experiences, and just how they live life as a gay couple.

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