4 Things to bring you closer to your husband in an arranged marriage

4 Things to bring you closer to your husband in an arranged marriage

Marriage is more than a commitment to love someone for better or for worse. It also includes devoting time to helping them tackle everyday challenges, navigating familial discord and even smellier tasks such as changing nappies together someday. However, while stepping into an arranged marriage, all these activities may seem unnerving before you have had a chance to truly bond with your new husband. So, if you’re hoping for ways to feel closer to your husband then read on.

  1. Bond with his best friend

Men often hold their best friends in high regard. Hence, spending time with his best mate and getting along with him can do wonders to ensure you’re more accepted in your husband’s inner circle. So, plan a game night or even watch a match of cricket together. Make sure you exhibit interest in doing something that the guys will find interesting. However, a word of warning, best mates are often fiercely protective of each other and you may find it a hard task to get his best friend to like you.

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  1. Go on a long drive and chat about his hobbies

A lot of men have an inimitable bond with their automobiles, if you’re man also loves cars, then taking a long drive with him may be just the way to strengthen your bond. Feel free to let him introduce you to his favorite music and tell you about his favorite cars as the miles slip away and you chatter away. Planning to visit new places and a feeling of warmth will come naturally when you spend some happy hours on the road.

  1. Partake in his daily tasks

Whether your man tends to wax his car or plans to install some appliances around the house, offer help. Sharing tasks around the house will banish any remnants of awkwardness between you two. If you two are moving into a new home, moving furniture together or redecorating will also help you bond.

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  1. Take short trips to explore the world together

One often dreams of taking on the world with their spouse by their side. This feeling shall be reinforced when you undertake adventures together. As you probably didn’t have a lot of time to date each other prior to the wedding, it is now time for you to take your hubby to the best restaurant in town or take a heritage walk in a neighboring city. Perhaps you can plan a weekend getaway or a spot of camping to please your husband.

There’s no better way of feeling closer to your husband than spending time doing things you both enjoy. It allows you to relax and start an open conversation that lets you get to know each other better.

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