4 Things you must NOT do while being friends with benefits

4 Things you must NOT do while being friends with benefits

We often crave the beauty of simpler days of the past when relationships were always based on monogamy. However, the definition of the term ‘relationships’ has evolved over time to encompass a variety of situations surrounding dating and courtship. Choosing to be friends with benefits for mutual intimacy is one such relationship. Some couples agree to merely sleep together, while others agree to date other people while hooking up with each other. Nevertheless, here are 4 things you must not do while being friends with benefits with someone.

  1. Do not be jealous or possessive

Even though you are in a friends with benefits situation with someone, it is likely that they are pursuing other people. Be it in a dating capacity, having a crush or even a girlfriend, remember that it is at their discretion. As you have not agreed to be exclusive, you must not be jealous or act possessive when they speak or other people in their life.

  1. Do not have sleepovers with them

Post coital intimacy is when couple grow closer than ever. This time brings about cuddling, pillow talk and sharing private information about your life that can threaten the dynamic of your no strings attached relationship. So, avoid sleepovers and spending much time with each other post intimacy if your goal is to never grow attached to the person.

  1. Do not expect mutual exclusivity

Such relationships are notorious for not following the norms of a conventional courtship. Hence, it gives the both of you the freedom to see other people, not fall in love or even pursue your college life or work life without feeling burdened by a boyfriend or girlfriend. However, if one of you wants to be mutually exclusive, you should not enter such a situation as its expectations were set before you entered the union.

  1. Do not explore such a situation with someone you have a crush on

Many people enter a friends with benefits (FWB) scenario just to avoid getting in to a relationship. Hence, if your goal is to slowly win over their love by starting to see them in this capacity, then you must reconsider. An FWB relationship abruptly ends when they start to see someone else exclusively. It is probable that they may never consider you a serious partner and covet only a casual fling with you.

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So, avoid choosing someone you care about to avoid getting your feelings hurt!

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