Strong women around the world inspire me every single day. Turning impossible to I'm possible, Air India's record-breaking pilot, Zoya Agarwal with her content is inspiring the next generation especially women to not give up on their dreams. If you are looking for your daily dose of positivity and motivation then you gotta check out her Reels now. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to take an empowering and inspiring flight. I bet you will thank me later!

Here they are:

1. Go Little Rockstar

Tbh, this trend is one of my favourites it helps you feel motivated, confident and focused! And Zoya jumping on it makes it even more inspiring. So, whenever you are feeling low, just head to this Reel and watch Zoya say 'Go Little Rockstar', trust me you will feel you have entered a whole new world of empowerment!  ✈️

2. #ZoyaSays

Aye Aye Captain! In case you need to fuel your motivation, then this Reel is exactly what you need to watch. As Zoya says one must manifest that 'You Can Do It', nothing should stop you from achieving and following your dreams. This is just the beginning the sky is not the limit so we must work hard, reach greater heights and cross massive milestones. Just like how Zoya is flying high and touching the skies (literally).

3. A day in Captain Zoya's life

This wholesome Reel of #BharatKiBeti motivates me to push myself to do things that I like. Moreover, it encourages me to live in the moment and just hang in there making some memories. I am all set to follow my dreams and enjoy every bit of it, wbu?

4. Breaking stereotype

#ChaalHaat yes that's right, breaking all stereotypes and overcoming all societal challenges Zoya has conquered in the aviation industry and today she is popularly known as the #BharatKiBeti. So, here's some advice don't think about what others will say or think just keep moving forward upwards and onwards.  

5. Kar har maidaan fateh

Finally, what better Reel than this to lift your spirits up? If you don't know who Zoya is then this Reel will tell you everything about her in just 60 seconds. Well, her pilot dream come true story is super inspirational and you can't blame me to watch this one over and over again every time I look for #GirlBoss motivation.

There you go, these awesome Reels of Zoya have really inspired and empowered me. Moreover, it has motivated me to become a dreamer and dream big. On a side note, I hope you all are staying home and staying safe. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to know more about your favourite influencers and content creators!

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