5 V’Day Looks Perfect For Any Kind Of Occasion With Bae

5 V’Day Looks Perfect For Any Kind Of Occasion With Bae

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’m sure all you ladies are hunting for the perfect outfit. And since a lot of people are starting to slowly venture out, the excitement of getting dressed and looking cute has me super pumped and excited… And I’m sure you guys feel it too, amirite? If you’re one of those people who stand in front of their wardrobe and stare into oblivion with no clue about what to wear, well, look no further, we’ve got your back, girl! Whether your date night is a fancy dinner or at a gaming arcade, here are a couple of outfits that are ideal for any time and any occasion!

1. Brunch Date

When I think brunch my mind automatically drifts towards cute and flowy dresses. They are effortless and can be dressed up or down easily. You could wear a midi dress with a pair of pointy pumps and a tiny bag for that subtle but sophisticated look. If you want to follow a more casual route just throw on a printed, short sundress with sneakers and you’re good to go!

2. Candlelight Dinner Date

Staying in, cooking with bae, enjoying a bottle of wine over dim candlelight; sounds like the perfect setup no? A satin, slip dress feels like the perfect choice for this kind of date. Accessorising with some dainty, gold jewellery will add a touch of elegance to the overall look. To finish off the outfit add a pair of strappy heels, which TBH will mainly be to get some pictures, wink wink*. With this sultry look, your significant other’s eyes will definitely be glued to you the entire night!

3. Arcade Date

In all honesty, I’m secretly hoping that someone takes me to an arcade because it’s so fun and totally cool! Now when going to an arcade you’d obviously want to be comfortable enough to play the games and enjoy. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on a cute outfit at all! A pair of straight fit pants with a sexy bustier and cardigan styled with cool kicks would totally do the trick. If you want to make it dressy you could opt for a tight crop top or go the casual way and wear an oversized t-shirt giving it that street style vibe.

4. Drive-In Movie Date

For a movie date being cosy and warm is a must. Even though it’s a drive-in theatre, with Mumbai’s chilly weather a sweater or hoodie is likely to make you feel most comfortable. A fool-proof way to achieve that is a loungewear set. I have nothing but love for these and certainly swear by them! Aside from being super comfy these sets are also extremely cute and make you look put together with minimal effort. There are a ton of different styles available nowadays, so finding the perfect one for you shouldn’t be a problem. Adding a pair of white sneakers and carrying a cute sling bag is a great way to jazz up the look.

5. Fancy Night Out

If you and your better half are planning to paint the town red, leather is the way to go! Leather being quite the trend right now, certainly seems like the perfect option for a night on the town. Whether it’s a leather skirt or leather pants, both would work perfectly. You could pair it with a cute dainty top and some heels, giving it that chic look. For a more edgy vibe pair your black leather pants with a black crop top and add a red jacket for that pop of colour. The red is also in keeping with the theme of love for the day.

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