6 Movies From 2012 That Hold Up, And 7 That Don’t


I’m not sure why someone in 2012 decided that we needed a found footage teen comedy, but now we have it, and it’s just as anti-gay, anti-fat, ableist, and misogynistic as you might think.

In this Hangover Jr., our main character throws an (excuse me for my extreme 2012 language here) ~epic~ house party. He destroys his parents’ house and practically the whole neighborhood, but in the end, he’s a hero. Even his dad is proud of him because he proved that he has friends and he’s not a total loser after all. Oh, and he “gets the girl,” because that’s how teen movies ended 10 years ago, despite how shitty he was to her throughout the movie.

Also, let’s not mistreat a dog for comedy — it’s not funny and will never be funny.

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