7 Types of silk sarees you MUST HAVE to look gorgeous for the festive season

7 Types of silk sarees you MUST HAVE to look gorgeous for the festive season


Every traditional Indian festival is incomplete without a silk saree. The six yards of elegance is an embodiment of grandeur and royalty. Sarees as a gift or as a token of love are always accepted with gratitude. As we are just a week close to celebrating Vishu, Tamil Puthandu and Good Friday, now is the perfect time to shop gifts for your family, friends and also for yourselves. Here we bring to you the fabulous 7 silk sarees that you shouldn’t miss out on.


Here are 7 types of silk sarees:

Silk sarees are made from the silk thread obtained from the cocoons of silkworms which are then woven to create the gorgeous silk sarees. Here are 7 different types of silk sarees for women that are perfect for special occasions. 

1. Assam Silk Saree


This gorgeous floral embroidered sea green saree is a stunning piece that can accentuate the beauty of women of all ages and forms. Assam silk sarees are famous since ancient times for their labour intensive work and craftsmanship. Traditional Assam silk saree is completely hand-woven.

Price: Rs 949

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2. Banarasi Silk Saree


Eluding richness and classiness, banarasi silk sarees are known for gold work, compact weaving and motifs with intricate details. This silk bend emerald green saree gives you an expensive look and if teamed up with apt jewellery, you sure will look like a princess.


Price: Rs 1999

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3. Kanchipuram Art Silk Saree


The speciality of Kanchipuram silk sarees is that the body of the saree and the pallu are weaved separately and then interlocked together with a zig-zag line. As per mythology, Gods wear garments made from Kanchipuram silk. 


Price: Rs 4402

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4. Baluchari Silk Saree


Baluchari silk sari is an award winner for the main weaving styles and it’s popular for the mythological scenes on the pallu of the saree.  Intricate details beautifully weave portraying scenes of lives of the Nawab of Bengal featuring women smoking hookahs and nawabs in horse carriages make it an interesting silk saree that every woman must have in their wardrobe.


Price: Rs 900

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5. Bomkai Silk Saree


Derived from the Bomkai, Ganjam district of Orissa, this handloom silk saree is believed to be a sign of success and affluence. In captivating colors with fish and floral motifs weave, this silk saree is an elegant and classy choice to slay the day in style.


Price: Rs 1250

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6. Chanderi Silk Saree


Chanderi is one of the most loved silk sarees as its lightweight, smooth and soft. The sheer and unique motifs on its fabric give it an interesting look oozing feminine elegance and royal power.   It’s one of the finest types of silk sarees of Madhya Pradesh.


Price: Rs 999

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7. Mysore Silk Crepe Saree


This is the best kind of silk saree that suits ceremonial occasions. With a royal vibe and gold Zari, the Mysore silk saree is soft buttery silk that shines without much bling giving it a subtle sheen and classy touch. 


Price: Rs 1399

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Which of the above mentioned 7 silk saree stole your heart? Tell us in the comments below. Style up in silk sarees and rule your day in style!



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