Addy Kumar Enters The World Of Podcasting With ‘Audacity’

Addy Kumar Enters The World Of Podcasting With ‘Audacity’

Content can be of different types from writing to speaking to dancing, it covers it all. Aditya Kumar a.k.a. Addy is one such creator who has already made a mark for himself through singing, acting and producing two super hit songs. Honestly, he totally justifies this quote, ‘Never limit your growth‘. Yes, he has never stopped thriving since he started his journey in content creation. And he has done it yet again by launching his very own podcast named ‘Audacity‘.

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Audacity according to Addy is to acknowledge the fact that it takes a certain amount of courage and audaciousness to speak your mind, take a stand for yourself, and to live life on your own terms. His podcast is all about this and as a matter of fact, it’ll have unfiltered conversations about life and living. He encourages people to have the ‘Audacity‘ to speak their hearts out and that’s why we love his concept even more. Tbh, it’s already sounding so real and exciting that we can’t wait to hear all his episodes out super soon.

A new page?

Yes, he made a new Instagram account for his newest baby, the podcast! We can’t wait for him to give us all updates related to his podcast right here. Also, he’ll be inviting guests from all walks and phases of life, not just content creators or well-known personalities. The podcast would be about the commoners too, who will talk about their real-life journeys and their little audacities in the world of a thousand hurdles and constraints. Btw, the 1st episode of it is already out on his YouTube channel. Scroll down to check it out right away!

Episode 1!

Arsh Fam and Manav Chhabra were one of the first guests on his podcast and they had many hilarious and witty conversations about their journey from Punjab to Mumbai. Also, if you wanna know the in-depth meaning of ‘Audacity‘ and why he named it that, then you’ll have to watch the above video.

His podcast by this summer will be available on other mediums but for now, you can enjoy them all on his YouTube channel. Also, he’ll be seen launching his gaming and a vlog channel in the near future. This would give his passion a medium to express as well as help him engage with his audience a lot better with the interesting content that he has planned.

This is what he has to say about his Podcast…

Why the name audacity? Well, I come across as a quiet and introverted person but I just take time to talk to people and when I do start talking to them. I have no filter. I speak my mind and speak what comes to my mind. I will ask questions that others might think twice before asking. I have the audacity to ask those questions and answers too.

We’re super-duper happy and proud of everything he’s doing. We always gotcha back Addy and we’d love to watch you reach heights ‘cause sky’s not even the limit. Once again congratulations on your new podcast! On that note, we hope all of you are safe and vaccinated. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.

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