Aguero accuses Ibrahimovic of making fun of Argentina


east Argentina international sergio aguero hit back at zlatan ibrahimovic On the Sweden forward’s comment that the World Cup champions “won’t win anything else.”

Ibrahimovic said some Argentina players “behaved badly” Joke France said more after their World Cup final victory “Speaking as a top professional playerIt is a sign that you will win once, but you will not win again.”

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Aguero, who last played for Argentina in July 2021 and was forced to retire just months later due to heart conditionIbrahimovic slammed.

“Before saying this, it would be better for you to say that you would prefer to conquer France than to speak about those who behaved badly.” aguero said, “It seems to me that it is very rude to say that we [Argentina] Not many are going to win.

“Before worrying about Argentina, worry about your country. They didn’t even qualify.”

Aguero celebrates Argentina Third World Cup with his former teammates on the pitch and in the changing room after the final against France on 18 December.

Aguero played against Ibrahimovic in the Premier League and said the ex-manchester united The player is “least qualified” to comment given his past conduct on the pitch.

“Let’s remember that on the pitch you [Ibrahimovic] There was bad behaviour,” Aguero said. “There were some sliding tackles, some hits that I remember at the Los Angeles Galaxy. Is he behaving well or badly? You say this as a top-notch professional, but let’s remember that you also behaved badly while playing.

“You’re a good player, I don’t dispute that, but you’re a fighter. You fought too [former Manchester City defender Nicolas] Otamendi, you had an argument [then Barcelona coach] Passion [Guardiola], That’s why Barcelona wanted to sell you later. Talk about Argentina’s misbehavior, first you have to see whether you have behaved well in your career. Don’t spit if it’s about to fall on you.

“To say he behaved badly is the least suggestive of you. You’re not right. In the end it’s your opinion.”

Aguero said he believes Ibrahimovic is bitter towards the Argentina captain lionel messi Ibrahimovic won the World Cup, however said: “Messi is regarded as the best player in history, I was sure he was going to win [the World Cup],

“Messi won, maybe that makes you angry,” Aguero said. “Maybe it hurts you to know that he is the best in the world and that Argentina won the World Cup.”

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