Alicia Keys Is Forcibly Kissed By A Fan


Who doesn’t know Alicia Keys — 15-time Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, producer, musician, and comfortable as herself with no-makeup Alicia Keys?

Last month, Alicia performed for her Alicia + Keys World Tour in Vancouver, Canada, at Rogers Arena. The show looked phenomenal and I’m assuming included nothing but the hits.

Well, this particular show is going viral after a random fan forcefully grabbed Alicia’s face and kissed her on the cheek while she greeted fans and performed “Empire State of Mind.”

Twitter: @DiaryOfKeysus

The person literally grabbed Alicia’s face…

…and forcefully kissed her on the cheek.

When the video began circulating on Hollywood Unlocked‘s Instagram, Alicia herself responded by saying, “Trust me, I was like what the FUCK!!!!!!!! Don’t she know what time it is???”

Does this fan know what time it is? Alicia has every right to be upset. After the video was shared on Instagram — like Alicia, her fans reacted in disgust.

It’s shocking someone would believe it’s okay to violate her space and grab her like that during a performance.

Everybody, performers or fans, should be able to enjoy themselves without fear of being violated or harmed.

Real talk, we are in a whole ass pandemic with plenty of viruses “like Monkey Pox” going around. Keep your hands (and your lips) to yourself! PERIOD!!

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