Amritpal Singh: Amritpal had a long talk with Rajdar Sukhpreet over the phone of the woman who gave shelter, he fled to Nepal! – Amritpal Singh Had A Long Talk With Rajdar Sukhpreet Through Phone Of Woman Who Gave Shelter


Amritpal singh

Amritpal singh
Photo: Twitter


Pro-Khalistan fundamentalist Amritpal is still away from police custody even after eight days. CCTV footage of Amritpal is continuously coming to the fore. Sometimes it is visible in the CCTV footage of Ludhiana, sometimes Patiala. Amritpal stayed with lady Balbir Kaur in Patiala. Had a long talk on his mobile.

In the CCTV footage, he can be seen wearing shirt, pant, jacket and spectacles and talking on a mobile phone. While taking action, the police arrested Balbir Kaur, a woman who sheltered Amritpal in Patiala, and another close friend Sukhpreet Singh from Indore.

Amritpal stayed at Balbir Kaur’s house for about six to seven hours before going to Shahabad. It is said that Amritpal, a pro-Khalistan fundamentalist, had reached Patiala via Ludhiana on March 19. Here he stayed with Balbir Kaur, a woman living at a relative’s house on Sirhind Road.

It was here that Amritpal changed his appearance and took his scooty from Balbir and left for Shahabad. He was wearing pants, shirt, jacket and glasses. A footage of March 20 has also gone viral, in which he is seen carrying an umbrella on the road in front of the Shahabad bus stand.