Anne Hathaway Recreated A Devil Wears Prada Outfit


When Anne stepped out for the Michael Kors show this week, she channeled her inner Andy Sachs – and honestly, it was iconic.

Fans immediately noticed Anne’s look was VERY reminiscent of the ‘fit that Andy wore during the final scenes of the flick.

Brown leather jacket? Check. Black turtleneck? Check. Bangs with pony half pulled back? Double check.

Side note, how does Anne still look exactly the same??

But wait, it gets better! During the show, Anne was actually seated next to THE Anna Wintour — aka the woman who is widely believed to have inspired the fictional Miranda Priestly.

While the duo sat side-by-side for the duration of the show, it appears that Anna didn’t make any snide comments about Anne’s outfit (or demand that she bring her a coffee).

…or, based on the look on Anne’s face in this pic, maybe she did.

No word from Anne on if she was the mastermind behind this coincidence, but it just really makes me want a Devil Wears Prada sequel.

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