Anupamaa 10 december 2022 between Pakhi became trouble for adhik problems is going in the house on small things latest


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In the upcoming episode of Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer serial ‘Anupamaa’, Vanraj talks about Pakhi’s act. It is further told that there is an argument between Pakhi and him on some or the other day, due to which it is becoming unbearable now. Vanraj understands more that is why Bhag got married. More says how Pakhi disturbs him by calling him in his meetings and gets angry when he does not pick up the call. Pakhi’s behavior is becoming intolerable. Adhik says he is fed up with Pakhi.

Vanraj asks Abhi to speak politely with Pakhi while Pakhi keeps shouting at him for his words. Adhik says he could have gone to his sister and stayed there but am trying to work day and night for Pakhi’s sake. When Vanraj leaves the house after warning Adhik to make peace with Pakhi, Adhik goes to bed to sleep. However, Pakhi follows Adhik and asks him to clear things. Most respond that he is very tired and needs to sleep to calm down.

Despite Abhi trying to talk to Pakhi and clarify things, Pakhi starts throwing things at her which ends up hurting her. Pakhi angrily starts throwing her makeup products at Adhik due to which Adhik gets hurt on his face with glass. More cries out in pain while Pakhi stands silently. Adhik says that he is upset with this marriage, so he wants to leave the house.

Adhik leaves the house while Pakhi says that she does not care what he does. Meanwhile, Anupama and Anuj tell each other that everyone panics when more comes into the house with a blood-soaked face. While hugging Anuj, he starts crying more and both Anuj and Anupama worry about him. Pakhi, on the other hand, confronts Vanraj about Adhik, which makes him furious and he vows to teach Adhik a lesson.

Adhik tells Anuj and Anupama that he has ended Pakhi and their marriage which worries Anupama. Kavya advises Pakhi and tells her that she is losing their relationship just to inflate her ego which is a foolish decision. Hasmukh expresses his concern over Anupama and Anuj’s relationship disputes.

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