Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Dimple will kick the rapist in front of the police, Samar will be impressed by this bravery


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Anupamaa Latest Twist: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupamaa’ is well liked due to its powerful twists and turns. So far many issues related to women have been shown in this serial. Meanwhile, now the story of a girl named Dimple is going on in the show. Whose family and husband have abandoned her after being raped but Anuj and Anupama stand firm for her. And in today’s episode, Dimple’s rapist will be caught by the police. But after this another dangerous twist is going to come in front of the audience.

Dimple will teach a lesson to the goon in front of the police

In today’s episode, we will see that Anuj and Anupama take Dimple to the police station, asking her to identify the goons. But as soon as he comes to the fore, the rapist once again threatens Dimple. Dimple’s blood boils hearing this, she says that this is the man. But hearing this, the goon attacks Dimple and Dimple also kicks him in return. Others say that Dimple is taking the law into her hands but the police say that it is called self-defense and Dimple did the right thing. Anupama and Anuj also praise Dimple.

Samar is impressed by Dimple’s bravery.

Anupama tells this to her son Samar over the phone. Hearing this, Samar also becomes a fan of Dipple. He praises Dimple in front of Baa and Bapuji. On the other hand, Dimple asks to leave Anupama’s house, but Anupama offers her a job in her dance academy. Dimple also immediately agrees to this. So it seems to be a possibility that Dimple and Summer can come close while taking over the dance academy. In such a situation, Dimple Shah can become the younger daughter-in-law of the family in the coming times.

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more will feel guilty

On the other hand, we will see Pakhi ordering herself a coffee worth Rs.700. Seeing this, her husband gets more angry, on this Pakhi tells him very harsh things. Pakhi throws away the coffee when Abhi advises her to live according to her status. Adhik advises Pakhi to study and get a job, but Pakhi refuses to do so and says, “I just want to be a housewife.” After which more cleans the house. Doesn’t say much but the remorse in his eyes for marrying Pakhi is clearly visible.

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Dimple’s rapist will be released on bail, will trouble

But Anupamaa makers have prepared another twist for their fans. In the coming days, it will be shown in the show that those goons will get bail and will make Dimple’s life miserable as soon as they come out. In such a situation, what step will Anupama take now, it will be worth seeing.

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