Anupamaa SPOILERS: Anupama saves Anuj’s life; Malvika asked to end her partnership with Vanraj

Anupamaa SPOILERS: Anupama saves Anuj’s life; Malvika asked to end her partnership with Vanraj

The upcoming episode will bring a new twist in the show Anupamaa, as Malvika decides to move to Mumbai with Vanraj. In the upcoming episode it is seen that Anuj and Anupama are coming closer to each other. Malvika is also growing fond of Vanraj, but he is using her to achieve his goal. 

In the upcoming episode, we see that Anuj and Anupama go on a date. Anuj teaches her how to play badminton and he saw two ladies making fun of her. So, he made them go away by calling them “didi”. Later, Anuj was about to fall off a cliff but Anupama saved him. She gets worried and asks him what if he would have gotten hurt, Anuj tells her that with her by his side, nothing can happen to him. Just then Malvika calls him and they go back home. 

Anuj waits impatiently for Malvika. She brings sweets for them and tells that they finalised the deal in Mumbai and are going to shift there by this week. She tells them initially she was scared because neither Anuj, nor GK were there and she did not have that sense of security, but Vanraj helped her. Anuj then questions her about Vanraj which makes her feel that Anupama has told Anuj about her feelings for Vanraj. Anuj tells her that he heard it himself, but Malvika says that he should stop defending Anupama. 

Malvika tells him that she doesn’t want anything from Vanraj and if her feelings for Vanraj are wrong, then so are Anuj’s feelings for Anupama. She tells him that people change and he is not the same old Vanraj. Anuj tells her that she was in an abusive relationship and he is an abuser, who has tortured Anupama for years. Malvika refuses to hear any of that and keeps defending Vanraj. In anger, Anuj tells Malvika that she will have to end her partnership with Vanraj right away. 

In the upcoming episode, Anupama tells Vanraj that he has no right to play with Malvika’s heart. Vanraj replies that he is not interested in any kind of relationship and his only focus is his goal. Malvika comes there and tells Anupama that he is right, but she will still break her partnership with him.

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