Anupamaa: The members of the house are trapped between the rift in the relationship, Anupama is in a bad condition


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Anupam: Vanraj shouts loudly as he pushes Pakhi. Anupama tries to stop Vanraj. Anupama says more will not do this. Vanraj continues to shout. Ankush says they can speak calmly. Ankush asks why is he doing this, he speaks more intelligently than Vanraj. Vanraj’s life will improve if he keeps his mouth shut. Vanraj says he should share this knowledge to his BIL. Ankush says that he should understand his daughter instead. Vanraj starts fighting with her. Anuj stops their fight and asks Abhi if he really hit Pakhi. Adhik says that he really loves Pakhi then does not think of harming her. Vanraj shouts that more is lying. Anupama says if he trusts Pakhi then he should trust Abhi too. Anuj says he should calm down and speak calmly. Ankush says that Vanraj does not know what peace means. Barkha says her brother never harms any girl.

Pakhi tells the truth to Vanraj that Adhik didn’t push her. Pakhi tells in front of the whole family that she also acted like her father. Anupama asks Vanraj to listen to her once more. Vanraj refuses to listen and continues shouting. Anuj says that instead of solving the issues between the kids, Vanraj is fueling their fight. Vanraj says Anupama is taking the side of her in-laws. Anupama says Pakhi is more equal to her and she is not taking any side.

Anupama gets worried about Vanraj and more. Anuj is sad to see Anupama like this and hence Anuj meets Pakhi and convinces her to end this fight. Anuj and Pakhi get worried for each other.

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