Archana Puran Singh to leave from The Kapil Sharma Show Bollywood actress Sonali bendre Will grab the chair | Archana Puran Singh to leave from The Kapil Sharma Show? This Bollywood actress grabber


The Kapil Sharma Show

Sonali Bendre On The Kapil Sharma Show: The comedy-drenched show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has always been a favorite of the people. The show appeals to celebrities as much as it appeals to the general public. Every celebrity wants to sit in front of Kapil Sharma and laugh his heart out. In such a situation, when Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre is going to appear on the show for the first time. But Sonali is not only happy to be a guest here but she has her eyes on Archana Puran Singh’s chair. We are not saying this but it has been revealed in the new promo of the show.

Guest judge of ‘India’s Best Dancer’

Actually, the judge of Sony TV’s famous reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ is going to come soon as a guest in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. That’s why in the comedy show, along with laughter, the fun of dance will also be seen. Kapil’s guests in this episode will be Master Terence, Geeta and Sonali Bendre. In the promo that has surfaced, Kapil is seen talking to Sonali Bendre.

Sonali Bendre came for the first time in the show

In the video, we can see Kapil Sharma introducing Sonali to the audience and saying, Sonali ji has come for the first time in our show, Geeta ma’am aur Terence sir ka toh paas banna hua hai har maas ka. Then Kapil says to Sonali, “Why have you come so late in our show?” Responding to this, Sonali says, “You had not called.” On this matter, Kapil says fiercely, “If you had come when called, we would have called you long ago.”

Sonali’s eyes on Archana’s chair

What happened next is really funny. Because in the promo we can see that while welcoming Sonali, Kapil Sharma further says, “Since you have come on our show for the first time, what would you like to have? Tea, coffee or Archana Puran Singh’s chair?” Everyone’s face gets stunned on hearing this question. But Sonali also says in horror at Nahle, “I don’t want tea or coffee but Archana’s chair.” On hearing this, Archana Puran Singh angrily says, “Hey man, first hold on to your chair, why are you lying behind my chair?”

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Let us tell you that Navjot Singh Sidhu used to sit before Archana Puran Singh in Kapil’s show. But when there was nationwide protest against him for being the guest of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he left Kapil’s show. After which Archana took over the chair in his place. It is clear from this promo that the upcoming show is going to be full of fun.

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