Army Man Booked For Attempting To Rape His colleague’s Wife In Rajasthan

Army Man Booked For Attempting To Rape His colleague’s Wife In Rajasthan

The victim also alleged Army Police forced her to give a wrong statement in order to protect the accused.


An Army man has been booked on charges of attempting to rape a colleague’s wife while four officers have been named in the FIR for allegedly trying to threaten the couple and hush up the matter.

The victim also alleged that the Army police, which was sent to them by the officers, instead of taking action against the accused, harassed them and forced them to give a wrong statement in order to protect him.

Two days after the alleged incident, the victim and her soldier husband lodged a complaint against the accused and four officers – two of the rank of Colonel and two Majors – at a local police station.

The Army said it has initiated an internal inquiry by military authorities and also assured cooperation and assistance to the local police in a fair investigation.

The victim, in her complaint, stated that she lived in the cantonment area with her husband, who serves in the Army as a soldier.

“On March 14 evening, a subedar came to her house when she was taking a bath and tried to molest her. When she raised the alarm, her husband, who was around, came to her rescue. Both of them tried to catch the subedar, but he managed to flee,” station house officer Bharat Rawat said, citing the victim’s complaint.

According to Mr Rawat, the complaint further stated that the couple immediately informed the seniors in the Army, who not only discouraged them against raising the issue but also forced them to keep mum. The victim also alleged that the officers tried their best to keep her and her husband confined to their house so that did not venture out seeking action against the accused.

Also, the victim complained that the five people should be held responsible if anything untoward happened to them.

Defence spokesperson Lt. Col. Amitabh Sharma said, “The Indian Army has taken cognizance of a case in which the wife of a serving soldier staying in Jodhpur Military Station has filed an FIR making serious allegations against another serving soldier and other personnel.”

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