Ayodhya: Mahant of Hanumangarhi offered to Rahul Gandhi after snatching the bungalow, stay in the temple premises – A Saint Of Ayodhya Offered To Rahul Gandhi To Stay In Hanumangarhi Temple Campus.


A saint of Ayodhya offered to Rahul Gandhi to stay in Hanumangarhi temple campus.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.
– Photo: Social Media


Rahul Gandhi was served a notice to vacate the bungalow allotted to him by the Lok Sabha Secretariat after he was disqualified from the membership of Parliament. After this notice, Congress is running a campaign ‘My house, Rahul Gandhi’s house’. In the midst of the campaign being run by the Congress, now even a Mahant of Ayodhya has offered Rahul Gandhi to come and stay in the Hanumangarhi temple.

Mahant Sanjay Das of Ayodhya’s Hanumangarhi temple offered Rahul Gandhi his residence located in the temple complex and said that we saints of Ayodhya welcome him to this holy city. Sanjay Das said that if Rahul Gandhi wants to come and stay in the Hanumangarhi complex, he is welcome.

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He also said that Rahul Gandhi must come to Ayodhya. Sanjay Das said that Rahul Gandhi should come to Hanumangarhi and pray here. He further said that there are many ashrams in the Hanumangarhi complex. He (Rahul Gandhi) should come and stay in our ashram, we will be happy. This statement of Sanjay Das is also being seen as the support of the Congress.

Mahant Sanjay Das is a disciple of Mahant Gyan Das, an elderly saint of Hanumangarhi. He is also the heir to the prestigious throne of Mahant Gyan Das. Mahant Sanjay Das has also formed his own organization named Sankat Mochan Sena. Mahant Sanjay Das of Hanumangarhi temple is also the national president of Sankat Mochan Sena. This statement of Sanjay Das is also being seen as support for Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi was convicted by a court in Surat, Gujarat and sentenced to two years imprisonment in a criminal case. This case against Rahul Gandhi was going on during the 2019 general elections in Kolar, Karnataka regarding the statement made regarding the Modi surname. After the conviction, Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from the membership of the Lok Sabha.

A notice has also been given by the Lok Sabha Secretariat to vacate the residence allotted to Rahul Gandhi as an MP. The Congress had launched the Mera Ghar, Rahul Gandhi ka Ghar campaign after Rahul Gandhi was served an eviction notice. Congress leaders and workers are putting up its posters at their homes, taking pictures along with the posters and posting them on social media.