Balika Vadhu 2, 11th January 2022, Written Update: Anandi takes her final decision

Balika Vadhu 2, 11th January 2022, Written Update: Anandi takes her final decision

In today’s episode, Jigar bumps into Anand’s car and Anand gets shocked to see Jigar walking freely outside jail. Anand asks Jigar about Anandi and on the other hand the police taunt Anandi and she tries to stop them. Anand goes to the station and gets shocked seeing Anandi inside the jail and asks her what happened. Anand asks the police what happened but they ignore him. Anand deliberately gets himself arrested to console Anandi.

Jigar comes back home and Maadi Baa asks him about Anandi. Bhairavi asks Jigar if he saw Anand as well. Jigar blames them both and shows them footage of Anandi hitting Jigar’s head. Bhairavi also believes him and says it’s Anandi’s fault and Maadi Baa asks her why did she change her verdict now. Bhairavi thinks Anand cancelled his plans to go to the US because of Anandi’s manipulation. She asks Mehul to bail Anand. Mehul goes to the police station and Anand gets happy seeing him. Mehul bails Anand and gets shocked to know that Anandi is still inside the jail. Later, Jigar and Premji come to bail Anandi out. 

Jigar tells Anandi that he is ready to live and forget every mistake of hers and asks her to solely focus on their relationship. Anandi tells him to stop acting and wipes off her sindhur. She tells him that she wore her mother’s saree to make her feel empowered to take her final decision and she tells Jigar that she wants to leave him legally.

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