Balika Vadhu 2, 14th February 2022, Written Update: Anand takes care of Anandi

Balika Vadhu 2, 14th February 2022, Written Update: Anand takes care of Anandi

In today’s episode, Anandi asks where is she. Anand scolds her and tells her that Sejal was worried. Anandi tries to get up however falls and Anand holds her and picks her up. He lays her on the bed and the couple present there think Anand and Anandi haven’t realised they’re in love. The man agrees to help her unite Anand and Anandi and she thanks him. Anandi drinks the juice. Aditi calls Vikrant and tells him to divorce Diya. Vikrant says it’s not easy and assures that he wants to spend Valentine’s day with her only. 

Diya comes and asks Vikrant where is he going. Vikrant says he was planning to surprise her for Valentine’s day. Diya hugs him. Anand tells Anandi that they should leave as it’s getting late. The man comes and tells Anand that they can’t leave as the bridge has broken. Anand feels that they should stay back but Anandi tells Sejal will worry about her. Anandi tells him that he doesn’t understand her at all. Anand leaves and asks the man if he has a charger. He calls Bhairavi through the landline and informs her that they’ll be staying there and asks her to inform Sejal as well. Bhairavi gets worried thinking what if they get close. 

The man tells Anand that they have a candlelight dinner as an offer. Anand reveals they’re not a couple. He asks Anand his story and Anand tells what happened. The man thinks they both are in love but haven’t realised it yet. He tells Anand that only couples can stay as that’s what his wife wishes to see before she dies due to cancer. Anand tells Anandi that they have to behave like a couple or else they can’t stay. Anandi tells she won’t fall for his lies. He tells her that it’s either this or their car.

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