Bank Rules: Can money be withdrawn from a closed bank account? Know what the bank’s rule says – How To Withdraw Money From Inactive Bank Account Know Banking Rules And Regulations In Hindi


A large population in the country avails banking services. The Government of India is operating the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana to connect a large section of the country living in poor and marginal areas with banking services. At the same time, do you know that the Reserve Bank of India has made many rules regarding the operation of bank accounts. Money is deposited and withdrawn in the bank under these rules set by the Reserve Bank. If a bank customer does not do any kind of transaction in his bank account for ten years. In this situation, the amount of rupees deposited in his bank account. It is treated as unclaimed amount. The bank transfers this amount to the Depositor Education and Awareness Fund. In such a situation, many times people have a question whether money can be withdrawn from a closed bank account. Let’s know about it in detail –

It can be any type of savings, FD, RD, current account. After this, an account remains inactive for the next 8 years. In this case, the amount deposited in that account is considered as unclaimed amount.

At the same time, do you know that if your account has been deactivated. Even in this situation, you can easily withdraw money from your inoperative bank account.

In most cases, it is seen that after the death of the bank account holder, the nominee claims the money deposited in his account by showing his ID proof. Wherein if the account holder has not added the name of the nominee. In this situation, you can claim the money deposited in the bank by showing the succession certificate.