Batgirl Cancelled And Twitter Reacts


What in the WB is going on?!

The New York Post reported on Tuesday that Warner Bros. Discovery has decided to shelve Leslie Graces Batgirl. This comes as a shock to many as the film had already finished filming and was nearly at end of post-production. Variety notes how Batgirl originally was meant for HBO Max under the old regime before newly appointed CEO David Zaslav made his way into the company.

Zaslav’s first point of action was to change the previous regime’s strategy of releasing films on both HBO Max and theaters simultaneously. His focus was to be on films that would have a theatrical release and then make their way to the streaming service. He has already canceled several projects including Scoob! and as usual people on Twitter have words for this latest axe of Batgirl.


Of course, the comparisons to Marvel will always be there as long as WB keeps doing what they do.

If the Batgirl movie being cancelled is true, I feel so bad for Leslie Grace, Brendan Fraser and the entire cast and crew. The movie was going to be something special and WB just ruined it. WB is the reason DC isnt as popular as Marvel in terms of movies.

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If this is true, that is one hell of a wedding gift. Smh.

Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah found out ‘BATGIRL’ was cancelled whilst they were in Morocco for Adil’s wedding.

(Source: Deadline)

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I wonder how the actors will feel about working on any other future projects with the company.

If the rumors about Batgirl’s cancelled release are true, there is absolutely no excuse for that.

Leslie Grace deserves better. Brendan Fraser deserves better. Michael Keaton deserves better. The fans deserve better.

Batgirl deserves better!

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With all the Ezra Miller toxicity, I feel like more and more people will wonder the same. Poor Michael Keaton who has been a part of both projects.

The fact that DC are willing to cancel Batgirl, a movie that’s had ZERO production issues, just to supposedly save a bit of money, but haven’t cancelled The Flash despite that movie’s production being an utter nightmare and its main star being toxic… it’s genuinely bizarre.

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Where’s the petition at?

A movie featuring a Latina Batgirl, a trans character & actress, Brendan Fraser’s comeback & Michael Keaton has been cancelled.. just wow.

Congratulations David Zaslav, you officially killed the DC Extended Universe.


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There are some rumors saying the screen tests didn’t fair well for the film, adding more speculation on why the film got canned. Guess we will never know.

BATGIRL cancelled for being too awful to watch as WB tries to clean up the mess that is the DCU

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This will be on hell of a tax write off for the company if this is true.

‘BATGIRL’ was cancelled so it could take a tax write-down.

This was seen internally as the most financially sound way to recoup the costs compared to a HBO Max or theatrical release.


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Warner Bros Discovery canceled Batgirl for taxes. A multi billion dollar company isn’t competent enough to handle their funds correctly, leaving hundreds of peoples to pay the consequences of their hard work being thrown in the gutter for nobody to see.

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Damn, and I thought my student debt was bad.

Batgirl being cancelled is sad but unsuprising.

Discovery inherited $43 billion in AT&T’s debt when it acquired Warner Bros. They’re going to be cautious and scrape for every single penny.

The next decade isn’t going to be a good one for DC, or DC fans.

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A little recap for those of you who want to know.

-Rock Booed at SDCC for #BlackAdam
-#Superpets Flops
-Ben Affleck returns for #Aquaman2
-Alan Horn returns to WarnerBros
-Batgirl cancelled

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The love for Brendan Fraser among others is real out here in the streets.

I had zero feelings positive or negative about the Batgirl film being cancelled until I found out that BRENDAN FRASER WAS IN IT. How DARE you deprive me of Brendan Fraser.

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Ruh roh, could this be the new norm?

Batgirl and Scoob cancellations set a horrible precedent, if these movies can be canceled for tax write offs in order to make quick and easy money, also ensuring the work will never see the light of day, who’s to say other studios won’t follow in WB’s footsteps to do the same?

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As John Campea says, “The ax of Zaslov strikes again.”

Since taking over, David Zaslav has cancelled CNN+, a bunch of CW shows, AND Batgirl.

Makes you wonder if he’s bold enough to scrap The Flash entirely and bring back Zack Snyder 🫣

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It’s unfortunate I won’t get to see the first Afro-Latina as the main superhero but what do you think of this cancellation? Were you excited about this film or not? Let me know in the comments below.

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