Benzema’s injury exit puts spotlight on Mbappe for France


Doha, Qatar — Karim Benzema abandoned Al Mesilla Hotel, the luxurious accommodation where France The team is staying before seven in the morning on Sunday. He took Qatar Airways’ QR149 flight to Madrid at 8.08 am and was back home in the Spanish capital by 2 pm local time. so his 2022 world cup ENDED: The contest ended before it even started.

Not all of his teammates got a chance to say a proper goodbye, either: Benzema didn’t return to his room until late on Saturday, after his scan at Doha’s Aspetar Hospital, when everyone was asleep, and when they left He was gone. The team woke up on Sunday morning. Eduardo Camavingaon their partner real madrid, told the media that he had been exchanging text messages with Benzema and that the striker was absolutely devastated. Wouldn’t you be feeling the same way?

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On Monday, he had a big smile on his face when ESPN chatted with the 2022 Ballon d’Or winner in Paris, saying he felt good and wanted to play the tournament with the aim of helping is curious les blues Will be defending the World Cup title won in Russia four years ago. Fast forward less than a week and he’s out of the whole thing without playing a minute. He had waited eight years to play in another World Cup after being part of the 2014 team that made it to the quarter-finals and were knocked out by Russia. Benzema will turn 35 next month, so this could be his last shot. After the disappointment in Doha, he would be hoping that doesn’t happen.

The squad felt a little coy from the news, and almost felt dizzy. With so many key players pulling out before the squad was announced, it was hard to accept that they were losing another key player.

goalkeeper mike mignon and midfielder Paul Pogba And ngolo forks Only for the defender was dismissed in recent weeks presnel kimpembemidfielder Christopher Nkunku And now Benzema will be sidelined just last week. That’s four starters (Pogba, Kante, Kimpembe, Benzema), a top back-up keeper (Magnon) and a versatile forward who will be your first sub (Nkunku) when chasing or controlling the game. Coach Dider Deschamps decided not to replace Benzema and stick with 25 players. The logic is that every player is on holiday with their families right now, most of them enjoying exotic destinations like Miami or Dubai and lack of time to physically prepare for the rigors of the World Cup.

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With the psychological impact of these injuries, the damage to the squad and Deschamps’ preparations for the tournament, they have completely changed the dynamic. play with Olivier Giroud Up front is very different than playing with Benzema as a number 9: the latter loves the freedom of role, playing creator as much as finisher, while Giroud is more of a traditional centre-forward , which is excellent for rounding and as a spindle. les blues Certainly know how to play alongside Giroud – who was a big part of their winning team in 2018, even though he didn’t score in Russia – and the likes of Mbappe and Griezmann surround him well.

related to AC Milan Striker Benzema’s injury marks another remarkable turn in his incredible career. A few weeks ago, Deschamps was reluctant to call up Giroud for the World Cup. Now, he will start and should get every chance to fulfill his ultimate dream, which is to catch and surpass Thierry Henry as the top men’s scorer in the history of the France national team. Giroud is on 49 (in 114 caps, or 0.43 goals per game) while Henry has 51 (123 games, or 0.41 goals per game), so history could be made in Doha this winter.

Despite Giroud’s performances, Benzema’s absence means Embappé will now have to step up even more. If France wants to do well, it will have to lead, lead and deliver results. This is the platform he wants and has always wanted. And so, this is his chance to show the whole world that the child prodigy of 2018, the only teenager (apart from Pele) to score in a World Cup final, is now an established, world-class superstar who will make a difference in a tournament. hence. Big stages belong to big players, so let’s see Killian.

On Tuesday, get a game with France Australia to start the competition, as they did in 2018. This can be a good omen, but equally, it can also be a trap. They will be aggressive and physical, looking to make the most of sets and give France no space. Starting is a challenge, especially after the Benzema drama.

Deschamps’ message to the players has been to use the frustration of these absences to become stronger as a group, more united, and to harness their fighting mentality. They are indebted to the stars who helped them get to this World Cup, only to watch from home.

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