MI Best Dual Driver Earphones Review | Best Earphones Under 1000 INR?

Dual Driver Earphones

Best Dual Driver Earphones

The MI Dual Driver Earphones REBIO is based on the new dual-technology platform of Google and the XOOM Technology by Xiaomi. MI Best Dual Driver Earphones reviews this latest technology by combining both the audio recording and the power amplifier. This is something that no other competitor can match.

The MI Dual Driver Earphones boasts some great features that are all set to make a huge impact on the smartphone market. The MI Dual Driver Earphones features a new hybrid design in between an in ear headphone and an earphone the simplest way to describe it, think of the Apple Airpods with their silicone tips. However there’s another amazing feature that makes these earphones even more unique; inside the ear-cups they contain a dual tweeter-driver system, with the first one housed in the housings, and the second tweeter-driver unit powered by the same ceramic microphone cartridges as found in the first unit. This is made possible due to the fact that the first tweeter-driver unit is housed in the cup with the audio recording chip located underneath it. It is this second unit, which houses the tweeters. It is MI’s belief that by using two separate power sources that the sound quality is improved.

Best Dual Driver Earphones

The MI Best Dual Driver Earphones also features a new innovative and futuristic curved back-cover which provides the user with a more elegant look and feel while listening to the music. It is also worth mentioning that the MI Dual Driver Earphones is lighter and much more comfortable than the regular ear buds. In addition to this the sleek styling and futuristic look make these earphones ideal for both casual and formal wear. The curved housing is supported by a durable rubber outer case, which is designed to excel against heavy usage. The overall build quality of these budget earphones is excellent, and they also come complete with a two-year warranty. This is just a small but important part of the impressive technology that this set of headphones possesses.

As you would expect, the performance of these earphones is top notch, and they can be used normally without having any major problems. As has been said before, the main reason why people choose to use in ear headphones is because of the superior sound quality that they offer and the ease with which they can be worn. Although you would find other brands with comparable technology and prices out there, none of them can compete with the exceptional sound reproduction that the MI Best Dual Driver Earphones is able to produce. In fact many audiophiles prefer them over many of the other earphones on the market.

One of the best features of the MI Best Driver Earphones is the manner in which they work. The ear tips have been designed in such a way as to keep them firmly secured within the ear canal and to ensure that they stay in place at all times. To ensure that they do not fall out or get tangled with each other, there are also soft silicone pads that cover the outside of each pair of ear buds. These ear tips are also made in such a way as to ensure that they are easily cleaned. When it comes to cleaning the ear buds, all you have to do is pop each one into the dishwasher; although you should not use the dry cycle as you could damage them.

Another benefit that you will find with the MI Dual Driver in-ears is the microphone that is built into them. Although many people might consider this to be a downer, the truth is that it is actually a very good feature. Many people who enjoy exercising will find that they can use the built in microphone to play audio tracks while they are working out. If you happen to be a sports fan and enjoy watching your favorite sports team on TV, then you will also love the ability to watch the game using your Bluetooth earphones while you are working out. For a lot of people, the microphone built into the in-ears beats the functionality of their favorite budget earphones.

Perhaps one of the coolest things about the MI Dual Driver in-ears is the ability to use them while running. If you run often, you know how annoying it is to run past those exercise stations that play boring, high-frequency sound tracks. However, if you pair your new MI Dual Driver earphones with your favorite fitness iPod, you will be able to enjoy your workouts and at the same time listen to your favorite music without having to worry about hearing the annoying high frequency sounds rattling around in your head. You might also be surprised at just how relaxing the track sounds while you are running.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the new MI Best Dual Driver Earphones has a rather impressive list of other features as well. For example, the new model has a bass response that rivals many of the more expensive fitness earphones on the market. The response is full-on and noticeable, which makes the songs heard through the earphones quite unique and enjoyable. They also have a low-frequency response, which means that they don’t cut out the important low-frequency sounds of your voice like many earphones tend to do.