Tips For Buying a Best Gaming Laptop Under 100K in India

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 100K in India

The Best Gaming Laptop Under 100K in India is an expensive laptop, but it may come with many useful features. It may have the most advanced integrated memory. But a cheap laptop from any vendor out there will be slow and it might have some other flaws. How can you get the best gaming laptop under 100k in India? The first and the foremost thing to consider are the processor. A faster processor means a better laptop.

Check if the graphics card has a refresh rate of at least 1 lakh. Refresh rate is a measure of the graphic processing unit’s ability to generate shading. A higher refresh rate means better quality video output. The laptop will be able to run all modern games smoothly and at a reasonable speed.

Best Gaming Laptop Under 100K in India

RAM of the laptop should be at least 1 GB. RAM is the main component that makes the laptop run smoothly. It is responsible for storing the data and acts as the main CPU of the system. For gaming purposes the laptop will need at least a quad-core Intel Processor. With sufficient storage space you can store all the videos, music, office documents, and pictures.

The RAM of the gaming laptop should be more than the RAM of the main CPU. If it is less the system works slowly. A maximum of two gigabytes of RAM should be available for the laptop. Check whether the laptop has Secure Digital or memory cards. These are used for digital images. Memory cards have a great speed advantage over the former.

Check whether the laptop has a nonvolatile memory. Volatile memory helps the computer to work even when the power goes off. On the other hand the non volatile memory keeps working even when there is a power failure. If you have got a laptop in India and want to know the memory capacity then just check out the specification sheet given by the company. If you buy a laptop under 100k in India then just check out the prices of various laptops in the market. Compare the prices and choose the one that offers you the best deal.

Asus has been the leading supplier of computers. The latest models of this laptop brand come with the powerful and advanced processors. The latest processor of the Asus comes with the version with the built in dual core processor. The laptop runs faster with the speed of the dual-core processor of Asus.

When it comes to the hard disk, the disk should have adequate storage space. There should be adequate storage space to help the user to transfer the files easily. The processor can also help the user to do some processing quite smoothly. If the processor and hard disk of the laptop are powerful enough then the best gaming laptop under 100k in India can perform quite smoothly.

The RAM of the laptop determines the speed with which the user can run the applications. Check out the specification sheet of the laptop before buying one. The Best Gaming Laptop Under 100K in India are provided with the quad-core processors from the companies like Asus, Samsung, Sony, and others. The cost of the CPU is around one-third of the price of the laptop.

The graphics card is also important to the laptop. The graphics card of the computer helps to enhance the visual experience of the game. If the graphics card is weak then the game play can be disappointing. Check the specification sheet of the Asus direct sale gaming laptop under 1 lakh in India and check whether it comes with the onboard graphics card or not. If it comes with the internal graphics card then it is an obvious choice for the buyer.

If the laptop comes with a faulty graphics card then the buyers can replace it with the an Nvidia card which is readily available. Another important feature of the laptop is the storage capacity. The laptops come in various capacities like small, medium, and large. If you want to store more movies or games on the laptop then you should go for the large storage capacity. However, the prices of these high storage capacity laptops are quite high as compared to the normal-sized laptops.

The other thing which has to be kept in mind while purchasing the Best Gaming Laptop Under 100K in India is the speed. If the laptop is slow then it will affect the gaming experience. Therefore always look for the solid-state drive or the flash memory in the storage so that your laptop does not slow down over time.

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