Factors to Consider While Buying a Best Gaming Laptop Under 2 lakhs

best gaming laptop under 2 lakh

Best Gaming Laptop Under 2 lakhs

The market is flooded with best gaming laptop under 2 lakhs and it can be very puzzling to choose the best one amongst so many choices. Before going in for a purchase, you should decide what your personal requirements are. If you are an intense PC gamer then the top-end laptops are best suited for you. If you play mostly lower end games then you can settle for mid-range models.

You will have to do some homework to find out which the best gaming laptop is for you. There are certain factors that you must consider while purchasing one. For instance, how much do you intend to play with the laptop? If you are just going to use it for office work or Internet browsing then you can get away with one with a lesser processor speed and higher RAM.

The RAM of your laptop is obviously of paramount importance. It will determine how much you can game without getting lag or freeze. The maximum RAM that you should get is 8GB. Some models come with more than one gigabyte of RAM. If you feel that you need more then go for one with two gigabytes.

Disk space is yet another factor that you need to consider while buying the best gaming laptop under 2 lakhs. It is quite obvious that your computer will only function properly if you have plenty of space to store all the games and other data. Check the specification of your system to see how much hard drive space is available. There are certain laptops that come with a single hard drive and others come with dual hard drives. If you want more storage than get one with extra capacity.

The battery life of the machine is another thing that you should think about. Find out whether it has removable batteries or not. It should have at least four hours of battery life. The ports and audio connectors should also be checked. You might require additional connectors or speakers for better audio input/output.

Make sure you compare the video card as well. Some of the latest models come with two cards that work together to provide better graphics. Check if they have been upgraded in the last few years to ensure that your system comes with the latest support.

The price is of course one of the most important factors. There are some very good discounts that are offered on these systems every now and then. Get in touch with the stores to find out when they are having any sales or offer discounts. Also, some manufacturers announce some sales just before the official launch.

Remember that you are going to invest a lot of money on this machine. So, do proper research and buy the best gaming laptop under 2 lakhs. Check out all the available options carefully and choose the best one for you.

The screen size has an impact on how comfortable you are to use the machine. You should get something that fits your hands and that is not too small or big. Check the screen dimensions to ensure that it is large enough to read easily. It should also be big enough to enable you to navigate through the different options easily. The depth of the screen should also not be too small or large. You will definitely have to stretch your hands to reach the back buttons on the monitor.

The weight is yet another factor that should not be overlooked at all. You should carefully check the weight to ensure that you can comfortably carry it around without straining yourself. Check the battery life and make sure you get sufficient power. If you are planning to travel with the laptop, select one that is portable.

There are many other aspects that you need to look for when looking for the best gaming laptop under 2 lakhs. Make sure the processor speed and RAM are sufficient for the requirements of the game. Check the hard drive and whether it has enough space to store all the required games and other data. If not, you will have problems storing such games on the machine. Other features such as built-in cameras, Bluetooth, and Wireless connectivity are great to have.

When you are trying to purchase the best gaming laptop under 2 lakhs, you may need some help from experts. You can check various gaming websites on the Internet to get more information about the different models available in the market. You can also go for online shopping and compare prices. This will definitely help you find the best laptop within your budget.

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