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How to Find the Best Gaming Laptop Under 70000 With i7 Processor

How to Find the Best Gaming Laptop Under 70000 With i7 Processor

Best Gaming Laptop Under 70000 With i7 Processor

Looking for the best gaming laptop under 70000 in India? Well, the search is over. The complete guide has been prepared to help you find the best gaming laptop in India or around the world. Best Gaming Laptop Under 70000 With i7 Processor

With the latest hardware and the best processor from AMD, you should definitely go for this laptop. It has all the qualities that will make it the best gaming laptop under 70000 with i7 processor. For those who are not aware, the latest version of this laptop has an upgraded version with an Intel Core i7 and a dual graphics card. With these two options, you can have the best laptop experience while playing games on the run.

best gaming laptop under 70000 with i7 processor

This gaming laptop has all the above specifications and is loaded with all the features required in gaming like high resolution, fast speed, long battery life, good graphics, and many more. This laptop also comes with a full HD viewing port, a headphone port, and also a compact design that fits easily in your bag. It also has two USB ports to add to its connectivity options.

RAM: The laptop has two RAM slots that can support up to sixteen gigabytes of RAM. You can upgrade the ram with the additional two gigabytes of RAM. In addition to the RAM, you can opt for a graphic card that can boost the performance of your laptop significantly. The best graphics card is the upgraded version of the ATI Firebolt that supports up to two gigabytes of graphics memory. There are other options as well as the AGP version that support one gigabyte of video memory but lack the hard drive.

Processor: The base processor of the laptop is made up of an Intel Celeron Processor. The onboard Realtek Ethernet port helps in connecting your laptop to the internet without any delays or problems. The integrated graphics processor has two processors that work simultaneously. On the contrary, the AMD Athlon processors have three processing cores that work simultaneously. The upgraded AMD processors come with built quality fans to increase the cooling performance.

Hard Drive: The hard drive is the most important component of your laptop and this is where the majority of your data will be stored. The best laptops come with a spacious hard disk containing 1 TB of storage for the user’s preferences. Other important specification includes the amount of RAM and the storage capacity.

Video Cards: The graphics card helps in providing you with great visuals. There are two types of video cards, the PCI Express type for a desktop PC and the PCI graphics card that works in laptops. The main advantages of having a high end card is that it increases the transfer rate of the graphics and the resulting image quality. The other pros and cons of having such a card are the increased power consumption, which is one of the cons as a result of using the card.

Keyboard: The main advantage of the integrated keyboard is its compact size and light weight. There are only two types of keyboards available in laptops, namely mechanical and electronic keyboards. The mechanical keyboard has backlit keys that offer better tactile input. You can buy either the full or the simplified layouts depending on how much you can understand on the keys. One of the cons of using a keyboard is that the keys can sometimes feel hard to press. The best gaming laptop under 70000 with i7 processor is the one with an illuminated keyboard.

Motherboard and processor: Both these components affect the performance of your laptop. The best motherboard and processor should have a minimum of a 2.5 mm pitch. They are available in the matte or the glossy finish. It is recommended to go for a matte style as it looks much cooler. Memory size is also a big factor, the more the memory the faster you will be able to transfer the game details. Some of the popular laptop brands have a very large built quality, so it is not necessary to spend a lot on this.

Battery Life: The battery life of the notebook is another important factor. The most recommended battery life of any laptop in the market is ten hours of battery life. If you are planning to purchase a gaming laptop, make sure you do not compromise with the quality-price ratio. The best gaming laptop under 70000 with i7 processor are from makers of high-performing devices like the Sony VAiano and the Lenovo Yoga. With a warranty, you can also return the product if it does not live up to your expectations.

Processor speed: Some of the best gaming laptop under 70000 with i7 processor have a quad-core processor. This helps the system run all types of games smoothly. The best value processors in the market are from processor makers such as Intel and AMD. AMD computers have a unique design compared to other systems. It has an unlocked multiplier which enables users to replace the existing setup with a quad-core processor provided by the manufacturer.

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