bigg boss 16 sajid khan and archana gautam fight after shiv thakare mc stan try to stop fight


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biggboss16 Archana Gautam Fight with Sajid Khan

Bigg Boss 16: TV’s most popular show ‘Bigg Boss’ 16 is getting more interesting every week. Be it any task in the house, there is always a fight between the contestants. Recently, Archana Gautam had a fierce fight with Sajid Khan. Since the nomination, the heat is being seen in the family members. A fierce battle is going to be seen in the same upcoming episode. In the upcoming episode, Archana Gautam and Sajid Khan will be shown having a scuffle.

In the house of ‘Bigg Boss’, once again there was an uproar among the family members. After Archana Gautam, now Sajid Khan also got into a scuffle. Archana Gautam, who is not afraid to speak anything to anyone, will once again mess with Sajid Khan by making personal comments.

The new promo video of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is going viral on social media. It is shown in the promo video that during a task all the family members are sitting in a car. There, there is such a thing between Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam, on which Sajid first says, ‘It seems that its father runs the show’. In retaliation, Archana says, ‘If my father was so rich, he could have run Bigg Boss, you can tell your father to run it.’ Sajid Khan (Sajid Khan Bigg Boss) gets irritated on this point of Archana Gautam and venting out his anger, he is seen threatening Archana (Archana Gautam Bigg Boss).

Sajid says, ‘You have taken my father’s name, come on, see your status.’ Archana (Archana Gautam Fight with Sajid Khan) also says angrily, ‘Go to my mother later, I will tear it apart on my father, let’s go.’ This saying of Archana deeply stings Sajid Khan and he angrily moves towards Archana. From which it seems that he is going ahead to kill him. In such a situation, Shiv Thakare and MC Stan try to stop Sajid. Will there be a scuffle with Archana once again?

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