Bob Odenkirk opens up about suffering a heart attack on set; Admits 'can't help but think about it'

Bob Odenkirk opens up about suffering a heart attack on set; Admits 'can't help but think about it'

In a recent chat with ET on the red carpet of the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards, the Breaking Bad alum Bob Odenkirk opened up about suffering a heart attack on the sets of his Breaking bad spin-off, Better Call Saul. The actor shared that co-star Rhea Seehorn, who also walked down the carpet with him for the ceremony, was the one who saved his life.

During the interview, Odenkirk recalled the horrendous incident and shared that Seehorn was probably the one who was more frightened than himself as he disclosed laughing, “She got scared, I wasn’t scared. I can’t remember a thing of it,” the actress nodded in agreement. The ordeal took place last summer while the actor was filming the sixth and last season of the series. Odenkirk passed out on set and subsequently was taken to the hospital. 

In a previous interview with The New York Times, Odenkirk revealed that he did not remember much from that day only that he and his co-stars had retired to a favourite hangout space for a break and he mounted on his workout bike and ended up on the floor as he fainted. 

Meanwhile, Seehorn talked about the incident with the outlet and admitted that it was “very strange” while she also expressed her relief that Odenkirk was indeed in better shape now, “It was a fantastic thing to have him make it out of that.” Odenkirk also confessed, ‘You can’t help but think about it a fair amount,” and continued to add that he did not remember experiencing the attack itself yet the love and support from all over made a huge difference in his life as he noted, “all the reaction that I got from the public and my friends, it all affected me. And it still will and it continues to.”

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