Bob Saget's autopsy details severe head injuries; Expert says it was like a 'baseball bat to the head'

Bob Saget's autopsy details severe head injuries; Expert says it was like a 'baseball bat to the head'

After a month of his passing, details about the sudden death of the Full House actor Bob Saget are coming out. Recently his family announced that Bob passed away due to a head injury and now experts are going in-depth about the severity of his head bump. According to reports, via Just Jared, doctors claim that it was more like an injury one sustains when one gets hit by a “baseball bat to the head.”

Experts who spoke to The New York Times, as per Just Jared, reveal that the “unmistakably serious set of injuries that would at the very least have probably left someone confused.” Dr. Jeffrey Bazarian, a concussion expert, explained, “It’s like an egg cracking,” he then continued to elaborate, “You hit it in one spot, and it can crack from the back to the front.” Specialists concur that it would have been close to impossible to ignore such an injury on Saget’s part and added, “I doubt he was lucid.”

Saget had endured fractures all the way from the back of the skull to his right side and even on the front of his skull. He had broken a particular part of the eye socket known as the “orbit”. While mentioning this orbit Dr. Bazarian added, “If you fracture your orbit you have significant pain.” Experts remarked, “the injuries appeared more reminiscent of ones suffered by people who fall from a considerable height or get thrown from their seat in a car crash.”

However, authorities adjourned Saget’s death as an accident as there were no signs of distress on his body. Reports also pointed out that no illegal drugs were found in his body but they did include Clonazepam that was present in his body, a psychoactive drug that is used to prevent seizures and severe anxiety or depression, along with an antidepressant in his system.

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