Brazil coach Tite agrees with Neymar that Casemiro is the best defensive midfielder in the world


Doha, Qatar — Brazil Manager Tite said the team missed Neymar 1-0 win above Switzerland, But agreed with the injured star who was the match winner casemiro Arguably the best defensive midfielder in the world as the veteran led his country to the knockout stage of the World Cup.

Casemiro scored in the 83rd minute 2-0 win above Serbia With a hard-fought win over Switzerland.

– Hamilton: Brazil miss Neymar but Casemiro takes center stage

This was Brazil’s first match after Neymar injured ankle against serbia – ESPN sources believe it will likely Keep him out of Brazil’s third match against cameroon — but that was manchester united midfielder Casemiro who provided the necessary inspiration to guide them through to the round of 16.

Casemiro’s performance caught Neymar’s attention. After the match is over, Neymar tweeted: “Casemiro has been the best defensive midfielder in the world for a long time.”

Tite was asked if he agreed with Neymar’s view, and replied: “As a habit I always respect opinions, and do not comment on them, but today I will allow myself to do so. I agree.” [with Neymar],

Tite also praised Casemiro’s versatility in midfield as he inspired Brazil to victory at the Stadium 974 on Monday.

“It is a player who acts as a central player and when a game appears, he is the element of surprise that appears from behind,” Tite said.

The Brazilian manager was also asked whether the team was missing the injured Neymar. ,[Without Neymar] The system will remain. [How was the] First match without Neymar? You chose Casemiro as the man of the match.

“Neymar has a different skill. He is a player in a magical moment and can dribble one and the other – he has that skill. Other players are reaching Neymar’s level and I hope they get there That’s why we remember Neymar, we do.” We miss him, he has a huge creative power, he is very aggressive, we miss him. But other athletes we saw early on took their chances.”

Protector marquinhos Agreed that the team missed Neymar, but had the strength in depth to cope with his absence. “We know Neymar is a great player and he makes a difference,” Marquinhos said after the match. “In difficult moments he takes responsibility and creates opportunities, but we have shown once again that we have quality players to make up for his absence.”

Casemiro was part of the Brazil team that belgium in the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup – lost due to suspension – and said he believes the 2022 team is in a strong position.

“Four years have passed, there are new players,” Casemiro said. “This year we have a wider range of options, we have more players to choose from. Without changing the team, we can change the way we play. If we substitute players then we have more options. The options abound compared to 2018.

“There are a lot of young players who are capable of handling themselves. The defenders are more experienced and it was another game where we didn’t concede any goals. It all starts at the front.” richardsonBut this time there are a lot more options than in 2018.”

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