Breakfast In 5 Minutes: Make 7 Quick, Delicious Breakfast Recipes In A Mug

Breakfast In 5 Minutes: Make 7 Quick, Delicious Breakfast Recipes In A Mug

We all know the struggle of preparing breakfast. As we are buried in early morning chores, office work and whatnot, our stomachs won’t stop growling. But at the same time, we don’t get enough time to cook something lavish and fulfilling. That’s when most of us resort to simple and quick breakfast recipes. However, if you are bored of just making chillas and toast in the name of a quick breakfast, then it is time to change that. For the same, here we bring you some delicious recipes that you can make in a mug! Yes, you read that right! Without making use of tons of utensils, here we bring you some easy and fulfilling breakfast recipes that you can make in a mug in just five minutes! Check them out below:

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Here Are 7 Breakfast Recipes To Make In A Mug

1. Mug Omelette

We all know that eggs make the most nutritious breakfast. Plus, you can add almost any masalas or veggies in an egg and cook it with room for experimentation. So, this time, try out this delicious recipe of mug omelette. This one is sure to be ready in no time!

2. Mug Dhokla

This one sounds a bit surprising, doesn’t it? Well, let us tell you that you can easily make a soft, spongy and fulfilling dhokla in a mug. All you need to do is mix the right ingredients and cook them in a microwave.


3. Egg Fried Rice In A Mug

Fried rice might sound like an unconventional breakfast, but it is one of the best ways to make use of the rice left from last night. In this recipe, take rice and mix it with veggies. Then cook it in a microwave for a minute. Then, break an egg in a small bowl and add spices as per your choice. Mix this with the rice and microwave again!


4. Cheese Potato Bites

As exciting as this recipe sounds, it is also delicious in taste. For this, you would need to layer boiled potatoes, cheese and salt and pepper. Then let it cook in the microwave for about two-three minutes. Once the cheese is melted enough, take it out and enjoy.

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5. Dahi Poha

If you don’t like to have anything heavy for breakfast, then this recipe is perfect. Here, you would need to wash the poha first and then place it in a mug. Next, add in some dahi and sugar/jaggery for a sweet taste. Then, devour!

6. Sweet Potato Mash

Cut the sweet potatoes into small bite-sized pieces and microwave them until they soften. Now from the top, add veggies of your choice like onions, carrots, capsicum etc. Finally, mix it with some herbs and spices to add a zing to it.


7. Healthy Muffins

Yes, muffins can be healthy too! And this recipe is proof of that! Here you would need the basic ingredients to make a muffin and then mix it with some fruits of your choice. Cook them till they are fluffy. Then enjoy by topping it with any syrup!


So, what are you waiting for? Make these delicious mug recipes in five minutes, and let us know which one you like the best.

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