BTS X Women’s Day: V, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin and SUGA are doting sons

BTS X Women’s Day: V, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin and SUGA are doting sons

BTS ARMY, today we will be having a dekko at BTS and their moms! It’s International Women’s Day today, and we will be celebrating Bangtan Boys’ bond with their mothers. BTS members – V, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, SUGA and Jin – like to keep their family members and personal life private, but there have been some instances wherein the Bangtan Boys opened up and shared some deets about their bond or interaction with their mothers. The septet has rarely spoken about their moms, but every time they did it was as though a child and not a superstar talking about his parents. Also Read – BTS: Did Jungkook and V fight with each other? Here’s what they have to say

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First up, we will talk about BTS’ leader RM aka Kim Namjoon’s mother. Y’all would have heard that RM’s mother has been strict. But, she is just a very disciplined mom. RM learned English while watching friends with his mother, now how cool is that?! Initially, RM’s mother and father were not very supportive of his career choice. RM convinced his mother. He revealed had once that his mother had secretly bought a microphone for him which was like the start of his happiness. RM’s mother is known to have instilled in him a love for art and museums as well. Joonie dotes on his mother a lot and loves to take her suggestions as well. Joonie has previously shared his interactions online. Be it good or bad, he would share screengrabs of them online, leaving ARMY in shock. RM’s mom also influenced his fashion, it seems. Also Read – Trending Hollywood News Today: BTS breaks Instagram, Twitter records; Gigi Hadid to donate her earnings for Ukraine-Palestine relief and more

Next is Jin’s mother. Kim Seokjin is very attached to his mother. He once turned emotional while recalling how his mother would be quiet while her friends would brag about their kids. Jin felt that he should do something to make his mother proud as well. Once J-Hope revealed that Jin is very close to his mother and often talks with his mom over the phone a lot. Hobi said Jin would talk to his mom for about an hour every day. When Jin had dyed his hair blonde, he said that his mother didn’t recognise him at all. Jin’s mom was also very strict, he once revealed that she would turn off the TV if his posture was not straight. Jin is such a clown that he once thanked his mother for giving him birth so he could enjoy good food.

Next, we will talk about is Suga’s mother. Min Yoongi is known for his sarcasm and wit. It seems he gets it from his mother. Once, Suga revealed that when his mother saw him on TV she told him that he looked like a boiled dumpling. So, basically, Suga’s mom trolled him. Suga’s mom would often tell him to study English and would praise Taehyung’s English. He also said that his parents would ask him why he was getting shorter. Suga cried a lot when his parents had attended his concert which proves that they mean the world to him.

J-Hope dotes on his mother a lot too. Once, Hobi revealed that he would lie to his mother when he was a trainee. When his mom would call him, he would lie to her that he was fine even when he was dead tired. Hobi revealed that every time he would visit his hometown, his mother would always cheer him up and support him. And hence, he felt that he must succeed for her. Hobi’s mom dotes on him too. Recently, when Hobi went out to a restaurant with his fam, his mom pointed out that her son doesn’t like the sound of a knife scraping on the plate. It was very sweet indeed. Also, Hobi’s MAMA deserves a special mention. The song is just brilliant and very emotional.

One thing we believe is that Jimin has got his cheerfulness and kindness from his mother. Jimin reaches out to his mother whenever he is stuck. He has called his mom during several Run BTS episodes and asked for help when would be stuck at cooking. Jimin’s mom gave him the cutest nicknames, Min-ah. Jimin also revealed that his mother always supported him in everything. Not just his mom, every ARMY’s mom in the world loves Jimin.

Taehyung’s mom not just dotes on her son but the rest of the six BTS members as well. BTS V’s mom made gimbap for everyone early in the morning, when they were heading out for a new season of Bon Voyage. Even before he became a member of BTS, V’s mom had bought him an expensive jacket so the other kids won’t look down on him. TaeTae once revealed that his mother would call him honey bear as he couldn’t say dessert menu and would ask for honey menu instead.

Lastly, Golden Maknae’s mom. Jungkook’s mom gave him free rein to do whatever he felt like. In his interaction with ARMY once, JK revealed that he never had any pressure from his parents. However, Jungkook did say that his parents would scold him whenever he did anything wrong. “When I was little, I cheated on a spelling test and I got into a lot of trouble. I got a really good spanking. My mom…I’m not sure what she told me, to be honest, but I think it was something like, ‘I don’t care if you get 100 or 0 on your tests. I don’t care about that. But the issue here is that you cheated.’ I made a big mistake.” Well, sums up why he is Golden, isn’t it?

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